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Sous Vide Method

How to decarb cannabis: sous vide method

The precise nature of the sous vide method makes the decarboxylation process almost fool-proof. While it can be a financial investment, the cost is justified if you are cooking with cannabis regularly, especially since immersion circulators can be purchased for around $100.

No-rise, quick pizza

After you practice a few times, you can have a delicious homemade pizza on your table in about 30 minutes. Start a quick sauce, and while it is simmering, make your dough.

Cannabis Crab Cakes

Cannabis Infused Crab Cakes

These Cannabis Infused Crab Cakes are an easy and healthy recipe that makes the perfect main course, or appetizer. With crispy tasty breading, and stuffed with amazing lump crab meat, this easy recipe will be one you turn to again and again.