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Cannabis Strawberry Cupcakes

Want to learn How to Make Strawberry Crunch Cake Edible Cupcakes? In this video I’ll be showing you How to Make Cannabis Strawberry Cupcakes with Weed Oil. Strawberry Crunch Cake was simple to make as an edible. I replaced Vegetable Oil with Cannabis Infused – Weed Coconut Oil that i […]

Cannabis Infused Lava Cake

Learn how to Make Molta’n Lava Cake, which is Cannabis Infused Molten Chocolate Desserts today on Infused Eats. Full recipe: https://www.infusedeats.com/marijuana-recipe/moltan-lava-cake/ Molta’n Lava Cakes are a decadent cannabis infused dessert treat. Your guests will be tantalized when the rich marijuana laced lava oozes lazily out of these lavishly moist and […]