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THC Infused Safflower Oil

This Safflower oil is pharmaceutical grade so you can use it under your tongue as a tincture. You can also use as massage oil, or if you have any joint, muscle pain, or arthritis you can rub on the sore area for relief

How to make Cannabis Oil

I cook with cannabis that has 15 percent THC,
which results in 10 milligrams of THC per teaspoon of canna-oil.
If you need a higher or lower dose, you can either use more or less
cannabis when making your canna-oil or increase or decrease the
amount of oil called for in a recipe.

Making THC & CBD Infused Cooking Oil

How to decarboxylate your cannabis, and then infuse it into an oil of your choice with an InstantPot pressure cooker. Whether you’re craving brownies, cake, or cookies; this recipe can help you prepare your oil so you can make edibles at home with ease!

How to Make Cannabis Infused Honey

An easy recipe to infuse your honey with cannabis! Note: after doing some reading I realized that it might be better to add an oil as cannabinoids are fat soluble (makes sense) but this was recorded before that realization… So please be kind if you disagree with this method. Might […]