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Cannabis Infused Spinach Pesto Pepperoni Pizza

Learn to infuse your food with cannabis! This week we infuse pizza with medicated olive oil. Easily customizable with any types of toppings or sauce to create the perfect pot-infused pizza! — For the full recipe, check out our website: http://weedporndaily.com/category/we-have-munchies/ Thanks again to Cannaoil Co for providing the infused […]

Cannabis Infused S’mores Cookie Bars

S’mores are one of my favorite things about summertime, and making these cannabis infused s’mores cookie bars in the oven means I can have them any time! See the written recipe at http://laurengaw.com/smores-cookie-bars/ Why is my cannabis butter shaped like stars and strawberries? https://youtu.be/PMIXPrvtagw SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! https://www.youtube.com/laurenleegaw to […]

How to make the Liquid Marijuana Shot

Subscribe to Tipsy Bartender: http://bit.ly/1krKA4R Perfect for 420. The Liquid Marijuana shot is all the green you need in your life! EMMA’S VIDEOS: http://bit.ly/1xlFdI2 OUR VLOG CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/TipsyVlogs LIQUID MARIJUANA SHOT 1 part Captain Morgan 1 part Coconut Rum 1 part Midori 1 part Blue Curacao Splash of Sweet & […]

Cannabis Infused Popcorn

Learn how to make marijuana infused popcorn. Welcome to Ahleaf. This video will show you how to make cannabis infused popcorn aka potcorn. Don’t forget to check out my other videos, leave a comment and subscribe. Ingredients to make weed popcorn: popcorn cannabutter #Edible #Weed #Howto

How To Use Rosin Chips

Today I’m going to show you How To Use Rosin Chips 3 Ways! Rosin chips are the material left after pressing flower in a rosin press. You can use rosin chips in edibles, you can repress rosin chips in a rosin press, or use rosin chips in your bowls as […]

Cannabis Infused Mayonnaise

Hey there my fellow medicators! This week I’m whipping up some infused mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is so easy to make it’s almost wrong to buy it. This recipe used infused grapeseed oil. If you’re looking for the infusion method, I recommend checking out episode 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_eqWFce4dE Notes and recipe information for […]

Cannabis Infused Cheesecakes

How to make cannabis infused cheesecakes with THC. We found a recipe online and simply substituted our THC infused sugar and butter. We’re not bakers, just cannabis enthusiasts who really like food. _____________________ WayUpGoodies & Nubia420 are lovers of all things cannabis. They explore various methods of consumption and like […]