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How to make Crockpot Cannabutter

(Age 21+ Documentary Purposes Only) Learn How To Make Cannabutter in A Slow Cooker (Crock Pot Cannabis Infused Cooking Oil) today on Cannabasics episode #95. Sponsored by The Weed Box. Save with the code RUFFHOUSE at: https://theweedbox.net/ What you need (affiliate links): Cannabis Flowers / Rosin Chips Butter/ Olive Oil/ […]

Cannabis Keto Cookies

Today we’re making Cannabis infused Keto Cookies! 2.5 carbs and oh so LIT! 2 cookies is enough to put an elephant to sleep. The recipe I used with some alternations https://www.fatforweightloss.com.au/recipe/keto-chocolate-chip-cookies/

No Churn Cannabis Infused Ice Cream

This cannabis infused ice cream recipe is so easy, you don’t even need an ice cream maker! I made chocolate, but you can also use this as a base to add your own favorite flavors. See the written recipe at http://www.laurengaw.com/cannabis-ice-cream SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! https://www.youtube.com/laurenleegaw to get notifications for […]

How to Make Cannabis Fudge

Learn How to Make Cannabis Fudge with this Easy Method using Cannabutter for a quick Holiday Treat on Cannabasics #80. Chocoley chocolate: https://www.chocoley.com/ tCheck THC testing device (save with code RUFFHOUSE): https://tcheckme.grsm.io/ruffhouse Full recipe: https://www.infusedeats.com/marijuana-recipe/easy-cannabis-infused-fudge/ This and hundreds more marijuana videos on our site: https://www.ruffhousestudios.com/how-to-make-cannabis-fudge-cannabasics-80/ Nubivagant Hip Hop Culture: https://youtube.com/channel/UCKY8uraRA4dRpMQslNBkePw […]

How to Make Cannabutter With Kief

Learn how to make butter with kief. Usually found at the bottom of a 3-chambered grinder, kief is incredibly high in THC and makes potent cannabutter. Substitute decarboxylated cannabis for kief to make regular cannabutter. To make kief cannabutter you need: Decarboxylated Kief Large Pot Glass Measuring Jug/Bowl Strainer Cheesecloth […]

How To Make A Marijuana Mojito

Meet the cannabis sommelier Andrew Freedman. A wine expert who loves cannabis, craft beer and cocktails a lot! In this episode I teach you how to make a THC infused mojito! Go learn how to make THC infused simple syrup to master this recipe! Here is the link — https://youtu.be/b-E-lrzugWg […]