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How to Make Cannabis Infused Honey

An easy recipe to infuse your honey with cannabis! Note: after doing some reading I realized that it might be better to add an oil as cannabinoids are fat soluble (makes sense) but this was recorded before that realization… So please be kind if you disagree with this method. Might […]

How To: Marijuana Honey Oil | EASY METHOD

How To Make Weed Brownies: https://youtu.be/ljrtiOgHuS8 How To Make Cannabutter: https://youtu.be/GgY1lAz7ZS8 How To Light A Joint: https://youtu.be/2zu_nbrqLG4 Hey Guys!! Heres a full “How To” video on how to make Honey Oil (modified RSO). Stay Tuned Guys! SUBSCRIBE for more great content We appreciate feedback as well! Let us know how […]