Learn how to prepare cannabis infused meals with these easy DIY video recipes.  We import videos from YouTube authorized by the authors to be embedded.  At CannaCook, we believe in cooperation rather than competition.

Cannabis Infused Stove Top Macaroni

Ingredients: 1/4 Cup cannabutter 1/3 Cup Flower 1 Tsp salt and pepper 2 Cups Milk 1 Cup cheese 4 Cups cooked Macaroni Directions: In large sauce pan cook cannabutter, flower and salt and pepper over medium heat. Add milk, cheese, and cooked macaroni, cook for 15-20 minutes. .

Cannabis Infused Spinach Pesto Pepperoni Pizza

Learn to infuse your food with cannabis! This week we infuse pizza with medicated olive oil. Easily customizable with any types of toppings or sauce to create the perfect pot-infused pizza! — For the full recipe, check out our website: Thanks again to Cannaoil Co for providing the infused […]