Oils & Butters

Learn to create your own cooking oils and cannabutters in this section.

Infusing Oils 101

Infusing Oils 101

One of the most popular methods of infusing foods with cannabis is the use of oils. Oils can also be used for administering dosages with tinctures. All of the following recipes will need to have decarbed cannabis.

THC Infused MCT Oil

In today’s video, Chelsie & Chris show you how to make tinctures similar to those you purchase in the shops. In Arkansas, most tincture you will find, will have an MCT (medium chain triglyceride) Oil as its base.

THC Infused Safflower Oil

This Safflower oil is pharmaceutical grade so you can use it under your tongue as a tincture. You can also use as massage oil, or if you have any joint, muscle pain, or arthritis you can rub on the sore area for relief