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Our Community Harvest provides great cannabis recipes and cooking knowledge. Learn more at OurCommunityHarvest. Like our recipes? Purchase the The Essential Cannabis Book by Rob Mejia.

No-rise, quick pizza

After you practice a few times, you can have a delicious homemade pizza on your table in about 30 minutes. Start a quick sauce, and while it is simmering, make your dough.

Cocktail meatballs

Sweet, savory, and slightly spicy are the best ways to describe these
party-favorite meatballs. They are one of the first dishes to disappear
at a gathering. I adapted this from my mother-in-law’s recipe.

Cannabis noodles

Udon noodles

See this and much more in Rob Mejia’s book “The Essential Cannabis Book: A Field Guide for the Curious”. To learn more visit OurCommunityHarvest.

Puffin muffin flapjacks

Puffin muffin flapjacks

Ah—the smell of fresh pancakes in the morning is always a hit. These homemade Puffin Muffin Flapjacks are fluffy, filling, and delicious. For an extra kick, infused syrup will elevate your experience.