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The Future Of Infused Edibles

The Future Of Infused Everything…

As we sit and reflect 2020 I think one thing is absolutely clear about the cannabis industry, it’s here to stay. I initially was too young to get in the cannabis industry when it first became legal in 1996 but I am actually thankful for that.

The Human Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid System

After graduating from nursing school in the early 90s, I thought medicine had the answers to most questions on how the human body works. I mean, we all have eleven body systems working in tandem to create a living organism, right?

Have A Healthy Thanksgiving from CannaCook

Having a Healthy Thanksgiving

When most Southerners think of a Thanksgiving meal, thoughts typically include a turkey stuffed with flavorful cornbread dressing, mounds of smooth, buttery mashed potatoes topped with a brown gravy made from the turkey drippings, and thick, sweet potato pie laden with brown sugar and marshmallows.