Advertising With CannaCook Inc.

Providing Creative Solutions

Get your brand known on one of the largest Cannabis Recipe sites on the internet! At we have a very targeted traffic group. If you are looking to get your CBD or Cannabis Brand out to the public, CannaCook can provide excellent exposure for your brand. We have the ability to run our advertising through our website and optionally you can choose to run your banners or ads on our sister site as well.

CPM & CPC Advertising

If you are looking for CPM or CPC advertising, CannaCook can serve these to your brand. We currently support the following size banners: 728×90, 468×60, 300×250, 300×600, and 970×90. We can set your banners to show a certain amount of impressions per day or can be based on daily clicks. Example: If you set your banner to get 50 clicks, after you get 50 clicks in a 24 hour period, your banner will no longer show.

Advertising Spots On

Video Advertising

If you would like to get your brand exposure through video advertising, we do offer 5 second to 30 second video advertisements. The material must be approved by CannaCook first.

Another option that we can do with video advertising is mention your brand in our recipe videos. If you don’t have a digital video advertisement but still would like to be mentioned in our recipe videos, fill out the form below.

Social Media Advertising

Generally when you purchase advertising with CannaCook, we will also run your advertisements or mention your brand on our Social Media. CannaCook has not only a very active FB Page, but it also has a very active group. Click here to visit our Group / Click here to visit our Page

Advertising with CannaCook
For Example: I need a 120x120 banner for 1 month or how much traffic can I expect from buying a banner for one month?

We Ask That A Minimum Budget of $50 For Initial Advertising Campaigns

If advertising isn’t in your budget currently, we also can work out traffic and link exchanges. Email: Chris (At) CannaCook dot com