Why Are Edibles So Popular in Canada?

What Are CBD Edibles & Why Are They So Popular On The Canadian Market?

The CBD industry in Canada is growing by the day. We are discovering all kinds of fun products that deliver CBD in a new way. One of these products is CBD edibles. While most of you know edibles under the name “CBD gummies”, do know that there are all kinds of edible products.

What’s also interesting is that edibles come with their own sets of strengths.  So much so that the industry in Canada is predicted to grow to $3.09 billion a year by 2025. So if you’re interested in the how, why, and what are CBD edibles, then this is the article for you.

What Are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are products that you can buy from most dispensaries and CBD stores. In Layman’s terms, edibles consist of any product that you can ingest through your mouth and digest. The most popular CBD edibles are gummy bears. But all kinds of other products exist such as chocolates, candies, and other foods and beverages.

These are essentially foods that are infused with cannabidiol. Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a compound of hemp. It is one out of more than 80 active compounds that benefit us in all kinds of ways. By taking CBD edibles, you are experiencing the benefits that come from CBD. These include the ability to fall sleep much easier, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve mood, rest and relaxation, and more.

CBD edibles are very convenient products that are becoming fan-favorite. There are even sites in Canada dedicated to CBD gummies like cbdgummiescanada.ca which is a buyer’s guide sharing the best deals and coupon codes.  Besides CBD oil, edibles are the second most popular CBD product in Canada. 

How do CBD Edibles work?

Edibles provide users with a consumption method that is different from the rest. So far, we can turn our attention towards products that can be taken sublingually, inhaled, applied topically, and more. CBD edibles are meant to be ingested. Once we ingest these products, they go through our digestive system where they eventually dissolve. Once the edibles dissolve, the effects start kicking in.

The thing to note when taking CBD edibles is that it takes some time to experience the effects of CBD. This is because it takes anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours for our digestive system to dissolve the gummies, chocolates, and similar products. But once it does that, you’ll be affected by CBD for a longer period. This is a huge strength and a big reason why many prefer CBD gummies.

Plenty of people take them before they get home after work so they can experience the effects without having to wait.

Now we come to why are edibles actually popular. We can attribute the popularity of CBD edibles to a lot of things. One of the biggest factors is that they come in different flavors. When adding CBD sublingually, the taste you’re getting is the “earthy” taste of cannabidiol. With edibles, the case is much different.

CBD edibles makers place huge importance on taste. The whole point of these products is to provide users with a pleasant experience. And one way to do that is by giving users something different. So far, edibles come in many flavors. Popular choices include sour watermelon, sweet watermelon, blue raspberry, blackberry, citrus, lemon, lime, and many other tropical flavors.

Another reason why CBD edibles are so popular in Canada is down to convenience. All you need to do is simply take a gummy and eat it. They’re so convenient that you can carry a pack with you at all times. They also provide users with discretion as no one would suspect you’re eating CBD-infused gummy bears.

And lastly, they provide users with easy dosing. Namely, edibles are sold in packs and we know exactly how much CBD is in a single piece. That means we can take the right amount of pieces to perfectly satisfy our dosage needs.

Types Of CBD Used In Edibles

You’ve probably heard the cliché that not every CBD product is made the same. The reason why that is true is that there are three types of CBD. Those are full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate. All three types are different and we will explain why.

Full spectrum is a very popular type of CBD used in the making of edibles. Full spectrum CBD contains all the compounds of the hemp plant. This also includes THC. But fear not as the THC content cannot go above 0.3% by law in Canada. This amount is nowhere near potent enough to get you high, but is enough for you to experience the “entourage effect”.

Broad spectrum is very similar to full spectrum, with the only difference being that broad spectrum contains no THC. It contains every remaining compound of the hemp plant and is equally popular to full spectrum. The absence of THC is a huge selling point and a big reason why broad spectrum CBD edibles are so popular.

And the last type is CBD isolate. Isolate is very much different than both full and broad spectrum CBD. In Canad, CBD isolate is made by removing every compound from the hemp plant and leaving only CBD. This means that the hemp undergoes plenty of extraction processes to deliver 99% pure CBD extract.

The extract can come in a powdery or crystalline form. The purity factor is a huge reason why CBD isolate edibles are so popular. More so, you can use the isolated powder or crystals to make your own edibles at home.


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