Ardent Infused Honey

Ardent Flex Infused Honey

I have to say, having an infusion machine really makes any cannabis infusion so easy! The Ardent Flex gets a ton of use here in the CannaCook kitchen. Making Cannabis Infused Honey is so easy to do, but when you use the Ardent Flex it makes it even easier! Today we will show you how to make Ardent Infused Honey

Cannabis/Hemp Infused Honey

Making Infused Honey is fun, simple, and produces a potent infusion. Using the Ardent to infuse Honey makes the process so simple. With just the touch of a button, and a little time, you will end up with some potent and delicious honey! Although the Ardent Flex makes Infused Honey so simple, you can easily make Infused Honey using a double boiler. Here is the recipe if you want to give it a try. When making Infused Honey, you can use either Cannabis or Hemp Flower and the recipe will stay the exact same.

You can make this recipe as potent as you would like. We are using just a few grams in this particular recipe, but you can add more Cannabis to make your honey as strong as you would like. If you end up adding more than 8 grams of Cannabis, you may want to add additional honey to the recipe. It really just depends on how strong you want your Infused Honey to be.

Ardent Flex

We have a few different Infusions Machines here that we use, and they are all really fantastic. The Ardent gets the most use here in the CannaCook Kitchen, simply because it can do so many things. The Ardent Flex makes it easy to decarb your Cannabis, which is super helpful and easy. With just the touch of a button you get the perfect decarb each and every time. This machine will also decarb your CBD, this is the only machine we have that can also decarb CBD perfectly. The Ardent Flex has a ton of space inside, so if you want to make infusions with a lot of Cannabis, it is easy to do!

Cleanup is quick and easy, and takes just a few minutes. You can infuse a ton of different things, from oil to butter to honey, this machine makes it so simple. Although we use many different infusion machines, and really enjoy them all, we seem to reach for the Ardent Flex the most. Although they can be a bit expensive, if you cook with Cannabis often the Ardent Flex is totally worth the price tag.

Why make Infused Honey

Infusing Honey can be used in so many different ways. Adding Infused Honey to tea makes the perfect bed time drink. You can also sweeten your morning coffee with a touch of Infused Honey, and start the day off great! Honey is amazing for baking, it is wonderful to use while making breads or cakes. If you want to avoid adding extra sugar to a recipe, you can substitute Infused Honey with a 1:1 ratio. The best part about Infused Honey is you can turn so many regular recipes into Cannabis Infused Recipes simply by adding this Infused Honey.

Ardent Flex Infused Honey

Ardent Flex Infused Honey

Recipe by Chelsie Miles
Course: CondimentsCuisine: CondimentsDifficulty: Easy
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  • 1 cup 1 honey

  • 5-8 grams 5-8 decarbbed cannabis or hemp

  • strainer

  • cheesecloth


  • After the Ardent is plugged in and warmed up, add your decarbbed cannabis into the sleeve. Add honey in with the Cannabis.
  • Place the sleeve into the Ardent. Set the Ardent to Infuse. Push start.
  • Once your infusion is done, the start button will turn green. Remove the sleeve and strain the mixture with a strainer and cheesecloth.
  • Keep the infused honey stored at room temperature, with a tight fitting lid. Enjoy!

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