Cannabis Infused Sugar

Cannabis Infused Sugar

If you are a big fan if micro dosing, and have not cut sugar out of your diet, then Cannabis Infused White Sugar will be something you might enjoy! With this easy recipe, you can use either Cannabis or Hemp, and the recipe will stay exactly the same!

Using Infused White Sugar

Infusing White Sugar is a great way to turn your baked goods into Cannabis Infused Treats! You can turn your baking recipes into a Hemp or Cannabis Infused treat, simply by adding this infused sugar! This is also a perfect recipe to use for micro dosing. Simply add a little infused sugar to your coffee or tea throughout the day. You can also add to into foods like Oatmeal, Cereal and much more! Next week on CannaCook, we will be using this Infused Sugar to make the perfect summer lemonade!

Making Infused White Sugar

This recipe is one of the easiest Cannabis Infused recipes you can do. You only need a few simple ingredients, and a little time. The first step is mixing your Hemp or Cannabis with an alcohol like EverClear. (You can also use Gem Clear.) The longer your let your Cannabis or Hemp sit with the alcohol, the stronger your sugar will be. When we make this, we normally let the Cannabis and alcohol sit together over night.
The more Cannabis you add in, the stronger your Infused Sugar will be. When we have made Cannabis Infused White Sugar in the past, we used around 7-9 grams of Cannabis. Since we are using Hemp in this particular batch, we used about 4 grams of Hemp.
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Hemp Infused Sugar

Hemp Infused Sugar

Recipe by Chelsie Miles
Course: CondimentsCuisine: CondimentsDifficulty: easy
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Prep time






  • 4-9 grams 4-9 Hemp or Cannabis

  • 1 cup 1 white sugar

  • 1 cup 1 Everclear or Gem Clear

  • mason jar

  • strainer and cheesecloth

  • foil


  • Lightly hand grind your hemp or cannabis and add into a mason jar. Add 1 cup EverClear into the mason jar. Cover with a tight fitting lid. Let this sit as long as you would like. We normally allow it to sit for 6-12 hours. When you think about it, give it a good shake.
  • When ready, use your strainer and cheesecloth to strain the mixture.
  • Add 1 cup sugar to a clean mason jar. Add the Infused alcohol in with the sugar. Cover with a tight fitting lid. Let this sit for at least 2 hours. Give it a good shake when you think about it. You can let it sit longer than 2 hours, it will not hurt or dissolve the sugar. You can even let this sit overnight.
  • When ready, strain the sugar and alcohol with a strainer and cheesecloth. You can reuse this alcohol to make another batch of sugar if you would like, we like to reuse it and make another batch of sugar!.
  • Line a baking sheet with foil, and pour the sugar onto your lined baking sheet. Spread the sugar out
    into a think and even layer
  • Let the sugar sit out and dry. The outside will obviously dry faster, so when it starts to dry some, mix and spread the sugar out more. The sugar on the inside will take longer to dry, we normally just let it sit out overnight, and in the morning its totally dry.
  • Once totally dry, there will be some chunks in the sugar. Take a knife and break up the sugar chunks. Store in an airtight container. Enjoy!

Tools and Ingredients

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  1. Tim Mahoney

    Do you need to decarb the cannabis first?

    • Christopher Miles

      When you use PGA (Pure grain alcohol) you do not need to decarb, but you can. The Alcohol should extract all the cannabinoids.

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