Ardent and Levo Olive Oil

Levo2 and Ardent FX: Kief Infused Olive Oil

Infusing with Olive Oil

Cannabis Infused Olive Oil has a ton of amazing uses! Olive oil is obviously great for cooking and baking, and it would even make a great tincture. You can easily infuse Olive Oil in your crock pot, or use one of the infusing machines, such as the Levo2, or the Ardent FX. You can use Cannabis, CBD, CBG, or Kief to infuse your Olive Oil. Today we are going to be using Keif to infuse our olive oil. No matter what type of cannabis product you decide to use, the recipe and infusion will all stay the same!
The infusion process is so simple when using either the Levo2 or Ardent FX. We have done a ton of different infusions with the Magic Butter Machine, the Levo2, and the Ardent FX, the machines really do make infusing fun! All of the machines have huge benefits, with only a few minor draw backs. Here in the CannaCook Kitchen, we have narrowed it down to our two favorite machines, which we are using today!

Ardent FX

The Ardent FX is simple, sleek, and beyond easy to use. With the touch of a button you can decarb, infuse, or bake. Once huge plus to this machine is that you can easily and perfectly decarb cannabis, shatter, as well as CBD, CBG etc. It really is handy having a machine that will perfectly decarb your cannabis to perfection each and every time.
The size of the Ardent FX is perfect in my opinion. You can easily infuse large batches of oil or butter at one time, and this comes in really handy for us, because we like to make potent butters and oils. Since we like to make larger infusions, we are able to fit a large amount of Cannabis with the butter or oil into the machine at one time.

The Ardent website offers all kinds of fun infusion kits you can order. We have made the Mini Truffle Kit, and it was delicious. The chocolate, ganache, and coconut oil in the kit were all high quality products. There are multiple different kits to choose from, and they send everything you need, besides your cannabis!
The cleanup on the Ardent FX is also quick and easy. Some parts are dishwasher safe, but the rest is easy to clean by hand. The Ardent FX always gives us the perfect decarb and the perfect infusion. I would absolutely recommend this machine to anyone who enjoys cooking with cannabis, and plans to do a lot of it!


The Levo2 has a simple to read display screen, which is so helpful when cooking or infusing. You can easily pick your cycle setting, Dry, Activate, or Infuse, and you can then set your own time and temperature. The display screen lets you know how much time is left on the infusion, and that is something I find really helpful. I like that I always know where the Levo2 is at in the infusion process, and how much time is remaining.
Another amazing feature with the Levo2 is how it dispenses your butters or oils. You don’t have to bother with a strainer or cheesecloth, which is a huge plus for me! You simply push a button and the Levo2 dispenses the infused goodness for you. The Levo2 really does make it beyond simple and fun to make amazing infusions.
Not only is it easy to use, it is easy to clean. The Levo2 has parts that are dishwasher safe, and the non dishwasher safe parts are a breeze to clean.

The one and only downside, in my opinion, is the size of the cannabis pod. The Levo2 has a specific pod where you add your decarbbed cannabis, and a part where you add your butters or oil. The Cannabis pod only holds roughly 7 grams of cannabis. If you are someone who uses 7 grams of cannabis to make your butters and oils, then this will not be an issue for you.
I normally make big batches of infusions, with a decently large amount of cannabis. With the pod being so small, I can’t make my normal size batches in this. However, they do have a larger pod on their website that you can purchase, which makes up for it.

Which Machine is Best for You

Both machines are simple to use, and do a fantastic job! If you are wanting a machine, but are still unsure which to get, we have plenty of machine videos on CannacCook! Here is the Ardent Mini Truffle Kit video. We did coconut oil tincture with all thee machines, click here to view. Finally, here we test the Levo2 with the Magic Butter machine!

Tools and Ingredients

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