Ardent Truffle Kit

Ardent Mini Truffle Kit

What is the Ardent

If you are unsure what the Ardent is, you are missing out! Ardent Cannabis has two Machines, the Ardent Nova and Ardent FX, accessories, and infusion kits.
The Ardent Nova is an easy to use Decarboxylator. You simply add your Cannabis into the Ardent Nova, push one button, and your Cannabis gets decarbed to literal perfection. We got this a couple of months ago and we honestly use it all the time. Before we got the Ardent Nova, we would just dedarb our cannabis in a mason jar, using our oven. That decarb method worked great, and decarbed our cannabis just fine. Once we got the Ardent Nova and tried it out, we realized how helpful a Decarboxylator really is. Literally every time we decarb using the Ardent Nova (or the Ardent FX) it decarbs the cannabis to absolute perfection.
There is also the Ardent FX, and this machine can do a ton. Not only is it Decarboxylator for Cannabis, but you can also do CBD,CBG, etc. This machine also has an infusion mode, which we use a ton here in the CannaCook Kitchen. You can very simply infuse oils and butters, at the click of one button. Ardent really does make decarbing and infusing very simple. Another thing I really love is the simple and easy clean up! Different parts of the Ardent FX are machine washable, and the parts that are not are still simple to clean. The Ardent FX also has a bake mode, where you can bake using the Ardent FX! Both the Ardent Nova and Ardent FX have add on accessories that you buy, that make things even more fun and simple while using the machines.

Infusion Kits

One awesome thing Ardent sells is Infusion Kits. They range from $25 to $75, and provide literally everything you need to make an infusion, the only thing you provide is the decarbed Cannabis. They have infusion kits ranging from “The Stoner Snack Pack” to the “Breakfast Cloud Cakes Infusion Kit.”
We received the Mini Truffle Infusion Kit from Ardent, and I was beyond excited. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a huge chocolate lover, with a big sweet tooth, I also seriously adore truffles.
The Mini Truffle Infusion Kit came with everything we needed, Organic Coconut Oil, Mini Dark Chocolate Cups, and three different flavors of Ganache filling. The only thing that didn’t come in the box was Cannabis! The directions were seriously easy to use, it made making the mini truffles a breeze. They have directions on how to decarb your cannabis, how to infuse the Organic Coconut Oil, then how to make the Infused Mini Truffles.

Check out Ardent Cannabis

Click here to check out Ardent Cannabis. They have information about the Ardent FX and Ardent Nova, also you can purchase the both machines, the infusion kits, and accessories online.
We bought our Ardent Nova, and Ardent FX, so this is not a paid add from Ardent Cannabis. I honestly just really love the high quality machines and products the. make. However, they were kind enough to send us the Mini Truffle Infusion Kit to try, and it did not disappoint. We have used both machines a lot while decarbing or making butter and oil infusions. When using the Ardent we always end up with perfectly decarbed cannabis, and potent infused butters and oils. Although the Ardent FX does come with a hefty price tag, if you are someone who is always cooking with Cannabis, it can really be worth it! I can’t remember the last time we decarbed or make an oil or butter without using an Infusion Machine, both Ardent machines have honestly become a staple here in the CannaCook Kitchen!

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