CBD Products For Your Pets

CBD Products For Your Pets

CBD Products For Your Pets

CBD has numerous health benefits for humans. Most states within the US have legalized the medicinal use of CBD, but not much is stated on the formal use of CBD products for pets. However, the lack of legal acknowledgment has not stopped a few pet owners from sharing the products with their pets.

Research proves that some cannabis compounds (such as CBD) can be beneficial to pets too. Just like humans, animals too have the endocannabinoid system. It helps the animals to regulate organ function, and deal with chronic pain.

In this article, we share with you some things you need to know about CBD Products and their benefits to you and your animal friend. CBD can be beneficial to your pets, but only in limited doses. It is best to first consult with your veterinarian before you decide to induce CBD treatments to your animal buddy

What Is The Deal With CBD?

CBD(Cannabinol) is one of the most popular topics among health enthusiasts, natural medicine advocates, and recreational marijuana users. Some hail it as a magic cure for diseases like arthritis, chronic pain, mental disorders, and improving metabolic body function. While some of these notions are true, research on the chemical is largely ongoing and the full benefits of CBD are yet to be fully understood.

The chemical makes up a large chunk of Hemp and marijuana plants (though it depends on the plant strain). Several studies link the application of CBD to health benefits including anxiety, weight management, movement disorders, cognition, and pain inhibition. Unlike THC, the distinction is that CBD does not cause psychoactive effects (that “high” feeling commonly linked to marijuana).

Available CBD Products For Pets

CBD products are packaged as creams, oils, pills, edibles and concentrates. Individuals can access the products online, or by visiting medical marijuana dispensaries for direct purchases. Generally, animals require low doses for the product to retain effectiveness and not hamper its overall health.

CBD For Pets

CBD is available in a variety of forms, including;

● Creams and Capsules

There are CBD-infused topical creams that are used to treat joint and muscle pain. They can be especially useful for animals that suffer from regular joint pains (or one recovering from an extensive injury). All one has to do is to apply the cream over the affected surface, give it a massage and allow the animal to rest.

CBD capsules and pills are systematically used to treat seizures and other digestive issues. Research indicates that CBD application among dogs can help deal with seizures, Osteoarthritis, and other illnesses.

● Oils and Tinctures

CBD oils have received lots of attention over the last few years. A common form of application involves using a dropper and placing the oil or tincture under their tongue or cheek. They are an ideal choice for pets who have a hard time swallowing pills or capsules.

Another idea involves mixing the oils with the animals’ food, that way, it can ingest the product as it eats. However, the method requires special attention as it runs the risk of accidentally overdosing the pet.

CBD oils have varying concentrations per dose. It is important to ensure that one has adequate knowledge of a product before deciding to purchase it for their pets.

● Edibles

There are awesome recipe suggestions on the internet for anybody looking to delve into the world of edibles.

Edibles are the most common form of ingesting CBD for pets. CBD-infused edibles come in various forms, including gummies, cakes, cookies, etc. CBD can be mixed with many edibles and foods and remain effective. (source)

Some pet owners purchase ready-made edibles on behalf of their pets. Usually, an individual can administer the products as treats, food, and liquids. The effects might take some time to kick in but might last longer compared to other forms of application.

Experts recommend little servings on pets, especially at night when the animals are most relaxed.

● Vaping

Vaping is an upcoming trend among millennials and the young population. It usually involves preheating the product in a controlled environment (a vape pen) and inhaling the product in vapor form.

Some tout vaping as an extremely safe method of ingesting CBD as the vapor rarely affects one’s lungs, but, the concept is fairly new and there is inadequate knowledge on the long-term effects of vaping on humans and pets.

Note: Smoking is harmful to your lungs (and those of your pets). An ideal idea for an individual looking to introduce their animals to CBD use can consider edibles, treats, etc. It’s also much safer and an excellent way to should that you care.

What’s the Real Story with CBD and Pets?

Animals also suffer from anxiety, stress, joint pain issues, inflammation, and loss of appetite, amongst others. CBD treatments have recorded progress in some animals such as cats, dogs, and other pets.

A few years ago, one of my close friends had an aging pet dog (Brad) who was about eleven years. On one routine visit to the vet, he noticed some mild discomfort on his forelimb. Unfortunately, Brad was suffering from arthritis, and the pain would affect his mood, behavior, etc.
Jokingly, at first, my friend decided to start a CBD treatment plan arguing that if it could work on humans, perhaps his pet would benefit from the treatment too. Long story short, Brad seemed to enjoy his days more, he was less grumpy ( and although he passed on some time last year) he was a joy to be around.

A majority of owners agree that CBD intake among pets can be useful for the animal’s overall health, and can sometimes be used as a natural treatment option (Source).

A recent inquiry on why pet owners administered CBD products on their pets highlights the benefits of animals.

Some of the reasons included:

● Relieving chronic joint pains

● Treating anxiety issues among pets

● Relieving chronic pain and inflammation

● Anti inflammatory properties

● Manage appetite issues among pets


Bottom Line

CBD Products have links to many human and animal health benefits. There are numeous people who support using CBD for both humans and their fuzzy friends. However, it is essential to first consult with your veterinary before going for CBD as a treatment option.

Although the application of CBD Products is still in its infancy, theres much to learn about the product and the benefits it holds for humans and animals alike.

CannaCook offers some excellent recipe suggestions for you and your animal friend. Why not try it sometime.

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