The Health Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil

The Health Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil

Exploring The Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil…

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Hemp seed oil is a cannabis-related product with many health benefits. The seed is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, oils, fiber, and other contents unique to the product. Hemp seed oil has little or no THC (It does not induce the psychoactive effects associated with the “high” in cannabis that THC provides). Source

Some experts have recommended the use of hemp seed oil products because they help in balancing hormones, improvement of heart health, weight loss, skin improvement, boosts immunity, among other health benefits.

Overview: The article critiques the health benefits of hemp seed oil and other related issues linked with the product. There are a few health benefits that the article elaborates on deeply. A reader can gain a clear understanding of how useful hemp seed oil can be for a healthy lifestyle.

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Promotes Hormonal Balance

Hemp seed oil helps maintain a proper chemical (and hormonal balance) in the body. The product contains GLA (Gamma- linoleic Acid) which synthesizes prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are compounds that perform the same function as hormones produced by the body for various purposes. GLA has been an excellent substitute for these hormones, having no side effects on individuals.

The oil improves the balance of hormones and prevents conditions such as depression, irritability, swelling, and others. It is also ideal for old women in menopause.

Weight Loss

Hemp products have long had links to weight management. Experts continue to speculate that Omega 3s found in the hemp seed oil can contribute to weight loss. Besides, researchers have found GLA in hemp seeds to reduce the level of sugar cravings of an individual.

 GLA suppresses appetite in people suffering from obesity, creating room for weight loss. It also prevents the body from gaining excessive weight.

Skin Improvement

Skincare is very important for one’s self-esteem and perception. Several skincare products contain dangerous chemicals that can cause more harm than good. Hemp seed oil is a natural alternative that acts as a perfect skin moisturizer. It prevents the skin from drying and cracking by keeping the skin moist.

Hemp seed oil is rich in nutrients such as antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and others that help improve the condition of the skin. The skin has protection from fungal, bacterial, and viral infections.

The oil also contains many skin treatment inclinations. It relieves minor abrasions, acne pain, psoriasis, itchy skin, eczema, and others.

Boosting the Immune System

Fatty Acids in the hemp seed oil help to make endocannabinoids in the body that help strengthen the immune system. The body naturally produces Endocannabinoids on demand to enhance various functions. The hemp seed oil can be an ideal immune-enhancing supplement for people with immunity health issues.

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Improvement of Cardiac Health

Cases of heart disease and cardiac arrest have ballooned over the last few years. Although not as a treatment for heart-related issues, experts have found hemp seed oil to supplement regular treatments and aid in the management of one’s cardiac health.

The hemp seed oil contains amino acids that produce nitric acid to help relax and dilate blood vessels. Conditions of high blood pressure are therefore avoidable, because of this induced mechanism. Besides, GLA in the hemp seed oil stimulates the production of enzyme lipase in the body that prevents the formation of plague in cell membranes and blood vessels.

The hemp seed oil distributes the essential fatty acids such as omega-6 and omega-3 in the body in the ratio of 3:1. The ratio is ideal for cardiac health since the normal body ratio should be below 4:1.

 Pain Reliever

The hemp seed oil acts as an excellent pain reliever when ingested or topically applied. It has anti-inflammation properties that help solve ailments related to injury, autoimmune disorders causing pain, and infections. Massage oils made from hemp seed oil are ideal pain relievers for sore joints and other body parts.

 The anti-inflammatory properties of the hemp seed oil ease arthritis pain. Essential acids in hemp seed oil help to relieve inflammation conditions in the body. An example includes GLA (and other chemicals) which provide excellent pain relief qualities.

Improvement of Brain Function

Hemp seed oil is exceptionally good for the brain. The product contains chemicals that mimic specific brain receptors ideal for dealing with certain mental conditions, including depression and anxiety.

Studies also suggest that the use of hemp seed oil among the older population can help to safeguard against memory loss, stabilize mood, and protect the individual from degenerative diseases.

Hemp seeds are a rich source of magnesium. The compound plays a crucial role in brain health by enhancing neurotransmission processes.

Preventing and Treating Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the more deadly lifestyle diseases on the globe. According to WHO, the disease contributes to over one million deaths annually.

Hemp seed oil has several benefits, including the ability to deal with inflammatory diseases such as diabetes. The product contains unsaturated fats, which are ideal for diabetic people. Besides, hemp seeds have low levels of carbohydrates and are super rich in protein.

Dealing with PMS and Menopause

Women undergoing hormonal imbalance from menopause and PMS can consider using hemp seed oil to help mitigate the symptoms. Hemp seed oil contains GLA, which is ideal for countering the symptoms associated with menopause or PMS.

Studies show that women who maintain a regular intake of the product suffer less severe symptoms when compared to those who don’t. Besides, hemp seed oil is a natural alternative that also helps to deal with irritability, breast pains, and fluid retention.

Bottom Line:

Hemp seed oil is an excellent natural alternative for anyone needing relief from numerous common conditions. The product is readily available on most online commerce platforms and is applicable by different methods. For instance, some people choose to apply hemp seed oil on their skin, while others prefer using the oil as an additive for their cooking.

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