Cooking with Cannabis A Scientific Take

Cooking with Cannabis A Scientific Take

Cannabis cuisine is much more than space cakes and THC gummies. From THC-infused snacks to full-blown three-course meals, the world of cannabis cooking can be as versatile as creative as you can make it.

But it’s not necessarily simple. Flower must be decarboxylated before cooking with it. And then there’s portion size – too little herb in your end result will be disappointing, too much could be quite uncomfortable for hours.

In this unique cooking demonstration, we went over how to make cannabis butter, oil, gummies and chocolates – while simultaneously answering questions such as:

– How can you gauge your tolerance for edibles?
– What’s the optimal THC:CBD ratio when cooking with cannabis?
– How do I cook using weed with unknown cannabinoid content?
– What happens if I don’t decarboxylate?

Codi Peterson, PharmD – Scientific Advisor, The Cannigma
Chelsie Miles – CEO, CannaCook
Chris Miles – COO, CannaCook
Elana Goldberg – CEO, The Cannigma

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