GameStop? No Go With Cannabis!

GameStop? What About Cannabis!?!

While Everyone Is Focusing On GS & AMC Another Industry Is Truly Booming

While everyone is jumping on the GameStop and AMC bandwagon, they seem to be overlooking a major industry jump in the past year! The cannabis industry! With talks of legalization in 2021 the cannabis stocks have more than doubled in the past year. (Speaking of Aurora Cannabis & Canopy Growth) In fact in my own personal portfolio, Canopy Growth has reached nearly 130% in growth! For 1 year, that is amazing growth in my opinion.

I digress though, let me first preface this by saying, this is no financial advice to follow. I’m simply highlighting that the cannabis industry should be getting much more attention than it is.

Canopy Growth isn’t the only stock going up though in cannabis right now! Although it’s been a bumpy road for Aurora Cannabis who was sitting at around $4 to $5 a share a year or so ago. Aurora is now currently at almost $12 a share. In 2019 I made a post about buying cannabis stock, if anyone listened to me, they should have more than doubled their investment.

Although again this isn’t investment advice, now-a-days apps have made it very easy to get involved in the stock market. I personally use Stash. The biggest rule I use when I invest through apps though is the money I use can be 100% lost and it won’t effect me. Let me explain, so if I take $5 and invest, I pretend that $5 is already gone, like I put it in a slot machine. I do not buy stocks for short gains either. I put money in here and there and stay in the long haul. The major reason people lose their money is emotions… fear is a huge catalyst to people selling too quickly or impulsively buying. Don’t do that.

It has become very apparent that cannabis is here to stay and we are now seeing that reflect in the stock markets. I truly believe that in the next year or two we will see Cannabis legalize on the federal level, when that happens, what do you think will happen to these stock prices? Not to mention, I truly believe that cannabis and hemp can save the world economic system and provide innumerable valuable solutions.

Although there are a ton of different apps out there, I stick with what I find to be the most simple to use, Stash. Although I don’t like how they change their interface so often, I still find it much easier to use than other apps like Robin Hood. If you are looking to invest in cannabis, I would definitely recommend using Stash, click here to download.

Again, I’m not a professional investor. This article is to highlight that the cannabis industry is booming. Companies are gaining a lot of value with talks of legalization on the horizon. Perhaps Canopy & Aurora tank tomorrow? But that is with any stock you are taking a risk. But please go do your own research and investigating before making any decisions. For those looking to make some longer term investments, maybe cannabis is the stock for you?

Written By:
Christopher Miles
COO – CannaCook Inc.

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