Types of Cannabis Concentrates You Should Know

Types of Cannabis Concentrates You Should Know

There are so many types of weed concentrates in the market, and users may be spoilt for choice. Some are commonly available in local stores, while others may not a little difficult to track.

Classification of cannabis concentrates depends on the following:

1. Method of extraction

This classification hinges on the methods used to extract the active ingredients. Extractors may use additives such as Butane, or just heat and pressure to extract ingredients from cannabis. Types of cannabis concentrates under this category include the following:

Butane Hash Oil

Extractors use butane as a solvent to pull out cannabinoids and terpenes from weed plants. This process isn’t complicated but can be dangerous because butane is highly flammable. However, it is popular among users because it’s possible to make other concentrates such as nug run, shatter, budder and hash, among others.

Propane Hash Oil

Just like the butane hash oil, people extract this concentrate using propane. But users may prefer this method because it can help them make their concentrates creamier with vigorous whipping. Experienced extractors can manage to obtain more terpenes and less residuals using propane.


Extractors looking for a solvent-free and mess-free way of obtaining terpenes can turn to CO2 extraction. Though more expensive than other methods, experts prefer it because it doesn’t leave toxins in the resultant concentrates. This process works by passing CO2 through the cannabis plant. The gas liquefies as it goes through the plant, snapping up cannabinoids and terpenes.

2. Part of the plant used

Cannabis enthusiasts also classify concentrates depending on the part of the plant used. Granted, users can extract weed concentrate from the whole cannabis plant, but some parts, like the buds, produce the best concentrates because they contain resin glands. Concentrates classified according to the part of the plant used include the following:

Trim run

Large operations involving extraction of large amounts of cannabis concentrates produce lots of waste – tiny nugs, stems, and leaves, among other wastes. These wastes can still produce concentrates – but of a lower quality. They could be waxes or oils, or even solids, and users call them trim run.

Nug run

Made from the nugs, or nuggets, these concentrates are extremely rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. Professional users appreciate nug run because its taste is unparalleled. The only problem users may contend with is the high price of such concentrates. Since nug run come from cannabis buds or flower, they are quite potent and flavorsome. 

3. The consistency of the concentrate

Pros also classify cannabis concentrates based on the consistency of the concentrate. Consistency refers to the state of the concentrate, either as liquid or solid. Examples of concentrates in this category include:


Users with an experience with caramel candy are already familiar with this glass-type concentrate. It’s the glass consistency that gives it the name shatter. It has high levels of CBD, especially if created from propane or butane hash oils. It has some variations but is popular for its extreme purity. But users can’t tell its quality by looking at it: it can be transparent but poor quality, but murky with high levels of CBD.


Crumble is another product of butane hash oil. Extractors purge the oil in a vacuum oven for some time until the crumble develops a soft consistency which becomes brittle such that it can crumble when handled; hence, the name crumble. Since it crumbles easily, users put in dab rights or vaporizers for a highly potent and flavorsome smoke.


This cannabis concentrate resembles honey closely, and many people have already seen it, even those new to the cannabis world. It has high levels of cannabinoids and requires careful handling. Users not used to vaporizing things need to go slow on this concentrate. Besides, they should first find the right tools to handle it since it can get quite runny. Use a dab rig or a personal vaporizer to smoke it.


Budder is the cleanest and most sought-after weed concentrate in this category. It borrows its name from its close resemblance with butter. Being extremely pure and potent perhaps explains its popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. But it is difficult to make because it requires vigorous whipping during the purging process. Quite expectedly, it is quite expensive.

Final thoughts

Choosing the best weed concentrate is essential to a satisfying experience with cannabis products. You need to understand the various classifications of the concentrates so you can pick the right one for you. If you need more information, visit us at CannaCook.com.

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