Levo2 versus The Magic Butter Machine

The Levo2 vs Magic Butter Machine

Since we began in 2019, we really have shown a lot of ways to work with flower. We wanted to take 2021 and change things up a bit with testing different machines as well as working more with concentrates and other exotic products. In this post we are going to explore how the Levo2 and the Magic Butter Machine match up to each other.

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When we unboxed the Levo2 and The Magic Butter machine we were very excited! We ordered them on Cyber Monday and due to the high volume of orders it took almost a month to get the Levo2. The MBM came very quickly. So we had a MBM just sitting unopened for almost a month! The Levo2 is the size of a small expresso machine and the MBM is a little larger and more like the shape of a pitcher. So when it comes to storage, they both should be pretty easy to tuck away.

The MBM does cost quite a bit less than the Levo2 and does a variety of different functions. From making plant based milks to soups, you’ll find it all in the included recipe book that comes with the machine. The Levo2 also does a number of different functions as well from candles to marinades. When choosing the machine that is right for you, it is important to research each machine to see which one will be right for your needs.

The only disappointing thing about the Levo2 was the capacity to hold flower. The container it comes with only holds about 7g or so of flower. You can purchase a separate one from the company that doubles the capacity or you can research online and find other ways to expand it. We ordered a French press screen which is supposed to be the “hack” for it.
*Note* after speaking with our friend JeffTheChef, he told us about his cool product you can use for the Levo2! Check it out here!

The only negative we had about the Magic Butter Machine was it was a bit harder to clean than the Levo2. Clean-up with the Levo2 is extraordinarily easy while the MBG does take a little longer. Even the Ardent Flex and Nova are very easy to clean compared to the MBM, but that doesn’t knock it out of the race for us as far as functionality. In fact, cleanup is still relatively easy compared to doing things with mason jars and baking sheets.

When it came to simplicity to use, both machines are super easy to use and come with super friendly instructions for even the newest of CannaCooks. When we made butter we quickly learned to warm up your butter for the Levo2 whereas the MBM allowed us to just cut up the sticks of butter and put them in for infusing. We used 2 sticks of butter and we maxed out the Levo2 with 7g or so of flower and we used 2 sticks of butter and around 9 or 10 grams of flower in the Magic Butter Machine. They both took almost the same amount of time to complete infusing the butter. The Levo2 was really easy to dispense the butter right into a mason jar for storage. The MBM required straining, but fortunately the include a really awesome reusable back for straining mixtures like this. But it did make cleanup just a little more messier. The Levo2 only required removing the reservoir and the flower chamber and cleaning in the sink. It was super simple. The butters did come out looking quite different. I don’t know if that was because of the increased amount of cannabis in the Magic Butter Machine or if the Levo2 just makes really clear butter. But due to the limited chamber of the Levo2, the butter came out more potent for the Magic Butter Machine.

We can’t justify saying which machine is better than the other on this post of Levo2 vs Magic Butter Machine. They both have their Pro’s and Con’s. They both can make some really different items as well. We really liked all of the machines we have tested so far. But if it really came down to limited budget and I had to choose from the Ardent FX, Ardent Nova, Magic Butter Machine or the Levo2, we would probably pick the Magic Butter Machine. Mainly due to the lower cost and versatility of the product. If we were to pick a machine based on convenience we would definitely pick the Ardent Flex. And if we picked a machine based on easy clean up and look we would pick the Levo2. The Levo2 also comes in 6 different colors!

We will be doing many more match up videos! Check back soon to see the Ardent Flex versus Levo2 and the Ardent Nova versus The Magic Butter Machine!

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