Tips On How To Store Your Edible Products!

How To Properly Store Edibles

Learn how to properly store Cannaoil, edibles, cannabutter and much more.

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0:10 How to store edibles
1:02 How to store cannabutter
1:51 How to store cannaoil
2:27 How to store Cannabis Cosmetic Products
2:54 How to store cannabis

The best way to store your cannabis products such as cannabutter, and cannaoil is in an airtight container or bag and in a cool, dark place. Storing your cannabis product in a cool, dark place will help provide the longest shelf life possible for your cannabis products.

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Small amber mason jars…

Large amber mason jars…

Vacuum seal bag…

What do you think about storing edibles? If you have any tips or tricks, let us know in the comments below!

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