RSO / FECO Infused MCT Oil For Tinctures

Easy RSO/FECO Infused MCT Oil Recipe

Do You Want To Make A Super Potent Tincture?

When it comes to potency, Rick Simpson Oil or Full Extraction Cannabis Oil (FECO), it doesn’t get much more potent than it. Also known as Hash Oil, this thick black’ish oil is extremely potent. Many people have claimed that they’ve beat diseases like cancer with RSO. For this recipe, you will need to have your RSO already made or purchased. If you need a recipe, please click here.

Real quick, RSO has many names, no matter what I call this someone tells me it is a different name. So for argument’s sake, in this recipe, I’ll be calling it RSO.

RSO/FECO Infused MCT Oil

RSO/FECO Infused MCT Oil

Learn how to make an easy RSO/FECO infused tincture with this recipe!

Recipe by Chelsie & Christopher Miles
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Course: Tinctures, OilsCuisine: OilsDifficulty: Very Easy


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  • .05-1 g RSO/FECO/Hash Oil

  • 1 cup organic MCT oil

  • crock-pot

  • glass measuring cup

  • foil

  • mason jar

  • tincture bottles


  • Begin by placing 1-2″ of water in your crock-pot.
  • Add 1 Cup of Organic MCT Oil to your measuring cup.
  • Add your RSO into the organic MCT oil and measuring up.
  • Cover the measuring cup with foil, place in the crock-pot, and turn the crock-pot to “Low” heat.
  • Since the RSO/Hash Oil is already decarboxylated, all you need to do is wait for at least 4 hours for the crock-pot to heat up the mixture and allow the RSO to dissolve. I left mine on the crock-pot overnight, but that isn’t necessary.
  • Remove the measuring cup from the crock-pot. Stir around. You can now pour your infused MCT Oil into a tincture bottle or mason jar and store in a dark cool place.

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