Ardent Flex (FX) vs Ardent Nova

Ardent Nova vs Ardent Flex

What is the point?

At CannaCook we strive to help patients and cannabis users learn how to cook with cannabis and save money. Until 2021, we have avoided working with different machines like these Ardents due to the cost. When it comes to decarboxylation, we have many different methods listed on our site. When Cyber Monday came around though we decided to take advantage of the sales going on and try out these machines for our viewers.

The Ardent Nova

Ardent Nova

The Ardent Nova comes in just a little cheaper than the Ardent Flex but also is limited on functionality compared to the Flex. Although, I did find some Ardent videos showing how to make some variation recipes in the Nova. As we become a little more familiar with both machines, we will put some videos on CannaCook showing how to make some different recipes with both the Nova and the Flex.

I’ve already tried decarboxylating about 7 grams of flower and the process was extremely easy. All I did was grind my cannabis lightly, put it in the Ardent Nova, push the button and just waited. I didn’t have to mess with any settings or even monitor the Ardent. After about 30 or 45 minutes the only button on the machine turned from Red to Green and the cannabis was ready. The process is extremely simple.

I did the same with 1 gram of concentrates and again it was super easy. (Even I have avoided decarboxylating concentrates because of fear) If you are somebody who is very interested in cooking with marijuana but are scared of burning your product, this machine would be worth saving your money and snagging. It will allow you to decarb your product and not have any fear of forgetting it or anything happening that would ruin it.

The Ardent Flex

Ardent Flex - Decarboxylation & Infusions

This Ardent Flex (FX) is the Nova’s big brother and also is incredibly easy to use. And when I say easy to use, I really don’t know how the process could get any simpler. The Flex allows for not only decarboxylation, but you can also create actual infusions such as butters or oils for tinctures. Although the price tag on this is a little higher than the Nova, if you are a serious about cooking with cannabis, the machine maybe worth the purchase to you.

At CannaCook, one of the biggest problems we run into is stove availability. What I mean by this is that when we want to make a recipe, if we don’t have any flower decarboxylated, it will delay cooking the recipe by an hour if we need the stove to decarb plus for the recipe. This machine makes it much easier for us here at CannaCook. Last night we made a butter with the Flex. It was as simple as cutting up the butter. Taking the decarboxylated flower and mixing it together in the Flex. Then you push a button and that’s it. Of course you still must strain it with cheesecloth, but that is easy.

Is it worth it?

These machines really are a ton of fun to use. They make the process of decarbbing and infusing easy, with simple clean up. If you are someone who cooks with Cannabis or CBD often, I think the Ardent is wonderful to have. I am able to cook with my stove, decarb with the Ardent Nova, and make butter or oil with the Ardent Flex all at the same time. It makes my life a lot easier! If you are someone who does not cook with Cannabis or CBD often, then the Ardent’s may not be something you need. In all, I think the Nova and Flex are wonderful machines that make cooking with Cannabis simple and easy! Visit Ardent Website

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