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Looking Towards 2021

Happy New Year!!

With us bringing in the new year, I thought I would begin writing a blog a few times a month, and give you a behind the scenes look at our CannaCook Kitchen!

2020 was an insane year for everyone, including us here at CannaCook.  I don’t have to sit and tell you how crazy this past year has been, I know you are fully aware!  We are all busy, with a ton of responsibilities and challenges, and sometimes it can get tough.  That is why CannaCook is so important to me. I look at CannaCook as a way to learn, have fun, try new things, and be inspired.

Here at CannaCook we want to give you fun cooking ideas and tasty recipes to enjoy. When you are having a tough week, making an easy infused recipe from CannaCook will honestly help brighten your mood! At CannaCook we have been learning as we go and we look forward to passing on what we have learned in 2020!

Cooking with cannabis is easier than you think

You do not have to be a profession chef to make amazing cannabis infused recipes. I am far from a professional chef, I just enjoy teaching and cooking and want to help others find a passional for cooking with Cannabis. Before we started CannaCook, I was terrified to cook with Cannabis. I thought it would be some huge chemistry experiment, with tons of difficult ingredients and really difficult recipes. However, once I got into it I realized how easy it really is.  

I want to share with you some of my favorite recipes that we have made during our first year at CannaCook. We have had some amazing recipes, and we have had some mess ups! I have burnt butters and oils, ruined big batches of Cannabis, and totally messed up recipes. However, that is why we are here, so we can perfect the recipe and pass the perfect recipe on to you! We understand the frustration with cost when it comes to cannabis, that’s why we try and take on the responsibility of discovering different infusion methods!


This is a staple here in the CannaCook Kitchen, we always have gummies on hand. This recipe was one of the first recipes we ever did, and I love making it. These Infused Gummies are so fun to make, and produces potent and flavorful treats! There are a ton of ways to make Cannabis Gummies, this is just my favorite way! Click here to learn! Our goal for 2021 is to figure out some great gummy recipes that are sugar-free for those who don’t consume sugar! If you have a good sugar-free recipe, we would love to hear it!


I am constantly making Cannabutter here in the CannaCook Kitchen. This easy recipe takes just a few ingredients, a little time, and you can make some easy and potent Cannabutter.  There are a ton of different ways to make Cannabutter, but my favorite is Crockpot Cannabutter.  I love this method because you simply add ingredients into a mason jar, add the mason jar to the crockpot, and let it cook! The Crockpot really does all the hard work in this easy recipe.  Click here check out this amazingly easy Crockpot Cannabutter Recipe. Our goal for 2021 is to test many of the machines that claim to make cannabutter very easy! We’ve ordered the Ardent FX, Ardent Nova, Magic Butter Machine & Levo2 to see how they all stack up against each other. We’ve also just recieved our air fryer so we can begin producing recipes with that too!

Cannabis Hot Chocolate

I love Hot Chocolate on cold winter nights. Sitting on the couch, with a great movie and Infused Hot Coco sounds like the perfect night to me! We infused this recipe by Infusing Almond Milk. This yummy Coco was so fun to make, and even better to drink. This thick, rich, and creamy Coco is something I always look forward to making. Learn to make this tasty treat Here.

Cannabis Chocolates

I am a huge chocolate lover. I have always had such a sweet tooth, I can not resist amazing Chocolate. So when we decided to make Cannabis Infused Chocolate, I couldn’t think of anything better. The taste of Chocolate mixed with Cannabutter is honestly one of my favorite flavor combos. This easy recipe will give you rich and creamy Cannabis Infused Chocolates. Click Here to learn!

Cannabis Snack Mix

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite Cannabis Infused Recipes. We are always coming out with new and inventive recipes that you can easily make and enjoy. Here at CannaCook, we want to give you great info and recipes, and show you how easy and fun it is to cook with Cannabis. For the Infused Snack Mix Recipe, please click here.

New Year’s Eve Plans?

If you are looking for something to do on New Year’s Eve, we will be doing some exclusive content for our social media! Check out our CannaLink24 group and our Facebook group to bring in the New Year with CannaCook! If you have an questions you’d like answered, please leave them in the comments below and we will try and get to them on New Year’s Eve when we broadcast!

What To Expect In 2021 On CannaCook

I am really looking to expand our operations in 2021. We have already brought on 3 new chefs in the last month or so! I look forward to bringing on many more cooks and chefs to bring you all the best recipes! We are also going to attempt to begin sending out newsletters out in 2021. In these newsletters we will begin including recipes, tips & tricks as well as coupons for products we use here at CannaCook. I am also collecting my top recipes to create an official CannaCook handbook. We are also exploring different options for cooking classes that we could offer our viewers. We have also developed a lot of great partnerships this year and will be looking forward to developing more in 2021!

I really look forward to 2021 with all of you! I can’t tell our viewers how grateful we are for all the support!

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