CannaLink24 - The Complete Cannabis & Hemp Industry Digital Platform

The Complete Cannabis & Hemp Industry Digital Platform

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The Complete Cannabis & Hemp Industry Digital Platform.
The turn of the 21st century has brought about a significant advancement in the technological and business marketing space. Alongside this, there has been an unprecedented rise in the development of e-commerce. When the giant e-commerce brands like Amazon and eBay were launched, they massively stirred the major shakeup amid the market.

However, the fact cannot be denied that there has been a series of advancements in innovation in the e-commerce sector. Several brands and businesses of different types, forms, and sizes have embraced e-commerce coming up with their own platforms. This has significantly helped them provide prospects, viewers, and customers with the opportunity to shop and engage with their brand.

In the present world, a larger percentage of customers worldwide have significantly embraced online purchases. Customers tend to shop for their preferred products online. This is due to its easy accessibility. It only requires a few minutes to browse through from the comfort of their homes. More so, transitioning into a digital platform isn’t as simple as it seems for specific industries. A typical example is the cannabis industry.
Globally, the cannabis industry has continued to face a series of legal barriers, especially as it concerns limiting its expansion into the digital marketplace. While the key social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google have continued to disallow paid cannabis ad campaigns, the laws and regulations seem to grow more stringent on a daily basis.

However, recent bills and laws have approved for cannabis businesses to easily convert their brick and mortar dispensaries and physical stores to e-commerce/ social media platforms. On this basis, Cannalink24 launched its platform to fill the existing gaps between cannabis brands and their consumers.

Why Cannalink24?

Cannalink24 is a renowned online cannabis digital / social media platform that aims to bring cannabis to the doorstep of the audience. With a mission to fill the existing longstanding needs and wants of a wide range of customers, Cannalink24 has been established to play a significant role in the cannabis industry specifically as it relates to people who are seeking a comprehensive and detailed understanding of cannabis and its attendant roles in the 21st-century world.

Cannalink24 is a platform that brings cannabis to the comfort zones of every cannabis lover from all the length and breadth of the planet, earth. Of course, the cannabis industry has continued to face numerous challenges, particularly when it comes to marketing cannabis. Cannalink24 was developed as a streamlined online ecommerce platform that truly promotes smooth, easy, and seamless interaction, connection, and communication between cannabis, ancillary companies, and social media influencers in the industry.

Our social media/ecommerce platform is a testament to the fact that brands can successfully advertise their products online to their desired target audience and receive detailed and comprehensive analytical reports on these marketing campaigns. This will be achieved without barriers arising from typical digital advertising platforms.

As firm advocates of quality and effective CBD products, Cannalink24 is confident of providing advertising services through social influencers that will significantly increase brand awareness and product sales for the top-performing cannabis brands in the industry.

For decades, individuals have nurtured questions such as the best places to visit to purchase cannabis, who are the best cannabis growers, and what are the best and friendliest cannabis to consumers. However, there has been no centralized platform to address these questions.

According to reports, the legal cannabis industry in the United States anticipated to increase 40% between 2019 and 2020. If that happens, marijuana sales will break $15 billion by the end of the year, while that of North America is estimated at $100 billion. Statistics further revealed that it tends to shoot up to $1 trillion in the next decade. This growth is highly unprecedented, and it resulted from the increase in the number of states legalizing the public use of cannabis.

This, however, seems to be a passionate and highly diverse base for amateur brands, and consumers such as women, baby boomers, and millennials. In reality, these categories of cannabis lovers are hungry for information, opinions, and insight. And Cannalink24 is highly robust, positioning itself as the best and interactive cannabis digital platform for these categories of consumers.

Here are the great features of the digital platform introduced by Cannalink24:

According to experts, advertisement is one of the lifeblood of businesses. And the cannabis business isn’t an exception. Cannalink24 offers the opportunity to promote your business on a wide range of platforms for everyone to view. Apart from that, you will also be able to create seamless connections, interactions, and engagements with your target audience. With the easy DIY concept introduced by Cannalink24, no doubt, you will get to the fingertips of your prospects in no time.

Social Media
Cannalink24 also offers an opportunity to establish and nurture connections with members of the social cannabis community globally. This involves meeting new friends and establishing new relationships in the social space. You can do this by posting your business, engaging in likes and shares. Post, like, and share opinions, ideas, and thoughts related to the latest industry buzz, both on the mobile application and website.

CannaLink24 - The Complete Cannabis & Hemp Industry Digital Platform

E-Commerce B2B & B2C
This is a feature that promotes sales and purchases between users of our ecommerce platform. This allows for easy sales of cannabis products and services in a safe and friendly digital marketplace.
24/7 Customer Support
Cannalink24 has a team of responsible, reliable, effective, and efficient customer support. If there are any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, our customer service team will work round the clock to handle those issues.
Chat Plus
Advanced Messaging
Share Photos, Videos, GIFs, Files or Emojis. ChatPlus also allows you to add reactions and responds to a message.
Group Chats
Create private or public groups and enjoy sharing your favorite topics. Broadcast a message to your friends at once.
Voice & Video Call
Stay connected with direct calls and conference calls using voice or video with support for multiple users (up to 50 members per a conference call).
Cannalink24 also offers a news platform where you will be able to gain first-hand access to the latest news, trends, and happenings in the cannabis industry. This allows both cannabis enthusiasts and millennials to be consistently updated with happenings in the cannabis industry at all times.

Mobile Application

Our mobile application is designed to make our partners stay up to date and on the go. The app allows you to upload images, videos, and messages from the convenience of your smartphones. Ensure that you do not ever miss a thing.

Finally, Cannalink24 seeks to provide a diverse range of advertising with the opportunity to spread its tentacles, reaching a valuable social community. This helps to create a legal and highly relevant environment for customized advertising and sponsorship. Together with our partners including, a well established cannabis cooking platform we hope to expand our community in a safe and positive way.

Now more than ever, your online privacy is a big concern when surfing the net. Fortunately,CannaLink24 provides plenty of tools to keep your users’ privacies under-control. The Privacy setting controls how others view your status, photo, video, post, profile, etc. We do take your users’ privacy seriously.

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