Go Green With CannaCook!

Go Green With CannaCook!

Part One
Written By: Christopher Miles

Looking for some ways to improve your carbon footprint while cooking with cannabis?

I remember camping one time as a kid with a class I was taking. They were always big on “leave no trace”. To this day I have always tried to implement that in my life. I always wondered as a kid how the “adults” didn’t realize that dumping waste on our planet was a bad idea. But now that I am an adult and see the world… well it is what it is.

I’m not here to debate global warming or tell you what to do. But there are a few ways you can easily switch products while creating a much smaller footprint. So go green with CannaCook with just few products I am about to show you. These are easy to get on Amazon and can really make a huge difference in the amount of waste you are producing and help you go green in your kitchen!

Reusable Cheesecloth

We recently discovered this reusable cheesecloth! In our kitchen we go through a tremendous amount of cheesecloth. Not only is this a great solution to all that waste we were previously making, but this is a very cost effective product. You can usually snag some of these for less that $5! Although they are a little messy to cleanup, if you wash them in your kitchen sink, it makes cleanup much easier!
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Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels

When all of the panic shopping happened at the beginning of 2020, we discovered these reusable paper towels! I always felt bad anyways throwing away so many paper towels, so this was a great discovery for us. These durable paper towels are a bit more expensive than normal paper towels, but you can reuse them quite a few times and wash them so you end up actually saving money in the long run. Fun fact, bamboo has been recorded growing over 46″ inches in a 24 hour period! So many more products of course could be made with bamboo! But I definitely recommend trying these in your kitchen!
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“Keeping fabric hand towels in your kitchen is another way to cut down on using paper towels. If you can’t part ways with your paper towels, try implementing some fabric hand towels in your kitchen to cut down on so much waste”

– Chelsie Miles (CEO of CannaCook Inc.)

Keep a fabric hand towel in your kitchen

As Chelsie mentioned above, using a fabric towel in your kitchen is another great way to cut down on waste. These are a cost effective way of saving money on paper towels and reducing waste. Not to mention, this towel featured is adorable! You can snag your kitchen one of these for under $15!
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Switch To Porcelain Dinner Plates Instead of Styrofoam

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Styrofoam is bad! I still see so many people who use Styrofoam plates (even some in my own family!) and it drives me crazy! Ever since I moved out of my house at the age of 17, I’ve refused to use Styrofoam plates. Styrofoam is awful for the oceans and horrible on the environment! So if you are still using Styrofoam, please stop! Get you some beautiful plates like the ones listed! This set comes in right under $40!
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I hope you enjoyed this article! I’m developing a part two of this blog post and I’m currently looking for ideas! If you have idea’s on how to make CannaCooking more green, please post them in the comments below!

Written By: Christopher Miles (COO of CannaCook Inc.)
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