Making MCT Oil With Shatter

How to Make Infused MCT Oil With Shatter

What is Shatter?

This highly refined cannabis extract is usually amber in colour. Shatter is made with a pressure vacuum and contains extremely high levels of THC. Shatter is perhaps the most popular ‘dabbing’ concentrate among experienced cannabis consumers. For more information about the extraction process and other cannabis extracts, consult our Cannabis Concentrates Guide.

What Edibles Can be Made With Shatter Infused Oil/Butter?

Depending on the substance you choose to infuse, there is almost an unlimited number of recipes awaiting cannabis infusion. Here are just a few of our recipes that should hopefully inspire some creative edibles.

Edibles Made with Infused MCT Oil:

How do you Infuse MCT Oil With Concentrates? Let us know your thoughts, feelings or opinions below!

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