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Decarbing Kief in a Mason Jar

Kief is one of the very first cannabis concentrates and contains a high level of THC. The decarboxylation process prepares the kief for bioavailability and allows it to have an effect as an edible substance.

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Using Your Kief:

The kief is now ideal for infusions and edible creations. Storing this kief in a dark, cool cupboard is recommended if the infusion cannot take place for days, or even weeks.

Nevertheless, Kief can be infused into butterolive oil, coconut oil, sugar, duck fat, sunflower oil, and many, many more substances. The sky is the limit for cannabis infusions and edibles.

What do you think about cooking with Kief? Do you have any tips or tricks? List them below or any questions you may have! We would love to hear from you!

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