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Cooking with Dab Oil

Dab oils are incredibly potent and are often used in edible recipes. When you are cooking with dab oils or any other type of concentrate, there is an essential step to follow; otherwise, you might be missing out on the compounds you want…

Let’s take a look at cooking with dab oil and see how to infuse your favourite recipes with cannabis concentrates.

Can you Cook with Dab Oil?

Yes, you can cook with dab oil. These types of concentrates are known for their extraordinary potency, and therefore make an excellent addition to your edible recipe. Cannabis concentrates are often used in many edibles, but there’s a crucial step to follow before cooking with dab oil. Always infuse the concentrate into an oil or a butter that can then be used to cook with. If you already have a concentrate that has been infused into oil or butter, cooking with dab oil becomes easy as pie.

Can you Cook with Dab Pen Oil?

Dab pen oil can be used in cooking, as long as there are no harmful additives. Third-party lab reports can check this.

Benefits of Dab Oil in Cooking

When we use marijuana in edibles, the consumption of the cooked dab oil creates a different reaction than when we smoke or vape it, for example. Taking the plant orally causes the liver to metabolise it- transforming the compounds. For instance, THC that has been cooked, consumed, and metabolised by the liver becomes 11-OH-THC, which researchers have found to have a higher potency than THC. The effects of the metabolised THC are often longer-lasting and more potent.

The Difference Between Cannabis Oil, Essential Oil, and Cooking Oil

There are more terms for cannabis than we can count, and the cannabis marketplace seems to be gathering new products (with unique names) almost daily. Let’s see the differences between cannabis oil, cooking oil, and essential oil. Only once you understand the difference, can you choose the ideal product for your own lifestyle.

Cannabis Hemp Essential Oil

Hemp essential oil is made from hemp using a steam distillation method. With an essential oil, you are quite literally only getting the essential essence of the plant. A good quality hemp essential oil is high in terpenes, and this rich array of terpenes has similar beneficial benefits to cannabinoids such as CBD. However, it’s important to know that essential oils are created using steam distillation- which is not an effective method to extract cannabinoids.

A cannabis essential oil will, therefore, not contain any cannabinoids. The essential oil will usually only contain the aromatic compounds from the hemp plant. This is the main characteristic that distinguishes hemp essential oil from cannabis tincture oils. CBD oil, hemp oil, and cannabis oil are typically tinctures high in cannabinoids as well as terpenes. Obviously, this will be dependent on the extraction methods and product quality and purity.

Hemp Cooking Oil

What about hemp cooking oil? You may have been browsing through your grocery store at some point in the past few years before CBD became the hottest new natural product, and you spied hemp oil sitting on the shelf. Hemp oil has been sold as a food item for many years, as it is simply an oil made from the pressed seeds. Most of the active components are found in the plant flower, so the seeds will have a starkly different composite landscape than the other hemp and CBD products you can find. Hemp seed oil can be used for cooking, and it can be used for drizzling over salads or other dishes. Although hemp cooking oil won’t have the same cannabinoid content, it is typically high in Omega 3s and protein.

For cannabis edibles, you will want to stick with oils and tinctures that contain the cannabinoids that you want. Keep the cooking and essential oil on the shelf for this one.

Ways To Use Cannabis Oil in Edibles

There’s a wonderful world of cannabis edibles out there, and the best part is that you can make them yourself with cannabis oil. Whether you prefer cooking or capsules, coffee or tea, there’s something for you. Once you have high-quality cannabis oil, there are no limits to the edibles you can create. Let’s find the ideal cannabis oil edible for you.


Both recreational and medical marijuana landscapes are shifting across the US. And we are seeing more professional chefs and home cooks incorporate cannabis into their culinary. Edibles are a great way to get the benefits from cannabis. Baking with cannabis oils helps us to create delicious, decadent dishes that are not only full of cannabinoids but also disguise the earthy cannabis taste. Marijuana-infused macarons, delectable doughnuts, brownies- you name it, there’s a cannabis recipe for it.

Here are some recipe ideas for baking goods that get you baked:

While there isn’t a single correct method to guarantee a good cannabis edible, there are some tips and tricks that could make your cannabis chef status go from merely cooking to cuisine crafting.

Edibles can take up to an hour to feel the effects, so be patient and wait for them to arrive. You should be able to see whether or not you would like more or less oil, for a single dose. When applying to your cooking recipe, you can simply multiple that single-serving dose according to the serving size of your recipe.


If you are too lazy to get busy in the kitchen, capsules are a quick and efficient way to get your cannabinoids. All you have to do is set aside some time to make your cannabis capsules, and you’re good to go.

Making cannabis capsules with cannabis oil is simple and safe. As long as you have a cannabis oil you can trust (high quality, with third-party test results), you can prepare your cannabis capsules.

Benefits of Cannabis Oil Capsules:

  • Discreet, and convenient
  • No aroma
  • Long-lasting, high potency effects
  • Can store them (away from direct light in a cool, dark place)
  • No smoke
  • If you are nauseous, these can be used as a suppository.


Smoothies are a healthy addition to any diet, and if you want to add CBD oil or cannabis oil to your smoothie- that’s even better. Here are some of the most popular smoothies to combine with your cannabis oil:

Adding hemp hearts and hemp protein powders are a popular addition to cannabis-infused smoothies, especially if you’re looking for some extra plant-based protein.

Tea and Coffee

Not feeling hungry? Why not infuse your favourite tea with your cannabis oil? Cannabis tea can also be made by steeping the dried buds in hot water. CBD coffee has already taken the hip industry by storm, but using your cannabis oil gives you a DIY option for daily dosing.

How to Make Your Own Edibles with Dab Oil

Turning your dab oils into delectable edibles may make you feel like an alchemist, but they are as easy as pie, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines:

Choose the Right Concentrates

Cannabis distillate is the best product to use for dabbing, but it can also be used for a variety of DIY homemade goodies that get you baked.

Choosing the right cannabis concentrates is essential. Not only do you want to ensure you have the right type of cannabinoid profiles (No THC or only CBD for example), you want to be sure that it is a reputable brand and quality oil.

Preparations and recipe

Here’s what you will need to make your edibles from your dab oil

Approximately one gram cannabis distillate per serving

Oil or butter, depending on your recipe

A bowl of hot water

Your recipe (should be oil or butter-based)

How To:

Place the distillate in a container (or its own if it comes in one). Place the container in the hot water. This acts to warm the concentrate slowly and steadily (never place it under heat more than 230 F)

Measure the oil or softened butter needed

Place the warmed distillate into the oil or the butter and stir well. These two need to be mixed well so that homogenisation occurs.

Now place your oil or butter mixture in a microwavable dish, or on the stovetop, and gently heat. If in the microwave, do not heat for longer than two minutes. This step ensures all ingredients are combined well. Once you have a well combined dab oil and butter, you can get cooking and use your dab oil recipe.

Benefits and Uses

Cannabis edibles can be both delicious and nutritious. There is a sea of suggested health benefits that come from marijuana, although we need to see more human trials before any official benefit can be attached to cannabis. In the meantime, we can see where the science is heading:

Pain Relief

Cannabis has been used for pain relief for years – even before it became legal. Grandmothers across the world have used cannabis as part of their natural medicine cabinet for centuries. Orally ingested marijuana can be more potent, and can offer longer-lasting effects. While smoking marijuana can last one to two hours, eating an edible can cause effects that last up to six hours.

Cooking with cannabis for pain relief can offer you longer-lasting, more localised treatment.

Reduce Nausea

Cannabis has been shown to reduce nausea. But edibles can take up to 90 minutes before their effects are felt, so maybe use your dab oil for those instances. But if you know you suffer from nausea with certain things, you can help to disrupt the preemptive nauseous cycle.

The National Cancer Institute’s website includes cannabis as a viable option to not only provide symptomatic relief related to nausea but also clinical animal studies showing THC and other cannabinoids were capable of isolating and eliminating cancer cells.


Antioxidants hold vital importance for our bodies. They protect us, guarding our bodies from free radical damage, damage caused by stress, and other essential functions. Studies also indicate that antioxidants can help our bodies ward off cancerous cells and diseases linked to blood vessels. Antioxidants found in nature’s gifts such as cannabis are essential for helping our bodies build up armour against free radicals, which are highly reactive molecules that, given time, could damage our bodies.

Safe Dosage

Dosing your cannabis oil is one of the essential parts of cannabis cooking. How do you know if you have put enough? Or too little? You don’t want to find out after you have eaten the delicious dish that you’ve added too much oil.

So, what’s the solution?

Take care with dosing by following the dosage guidelines on the dab oil pen if you are using a cartridge, or check the oil’s potency. Before you add your cannabis oil to a meal, especially if you are serving it for others, then you should always test the oil’s potency before adding it in. Performing a strand test is a simple way to ensure you know how much oil to infuse into your dish. Here’s how to do it:

Use up to ½ a teaspoon (use just a quarter if you are sensitive or if it is a high potency oil) to add it to your beverage or a meal. This is just to test the oil, so don’t worry about the recipe of the dish for now. This personal strand test can help you gauge how much oil to cook with.


Edibles can carry a higher potency, so always know the oil strength you are using and dose accordingly. Remember that the effects are often long-lasting.

Have a chat with your trusted health practitioner if you are concerned about cannabis- especially if you are already on medication.


Cooking with cannabis is easy, and can offer you several benefits that other consumption methods might make you miss.

Stock up on your favorite dab oil today and get cooking!

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