How To Make Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis Tincture – how to make tincture with Magical Butter Machine

Cannabis Tincture – how to make tincture | ethanol marijuana extraction with Magical Butter Machine.

You can make cannabis tincture pretty easily with the magical butter machine or other hydrocarbon extraction methods. Many household appliances are available to creating either ethanol, glycerin or oil based cannabis tinctures for medical marijuana patients across the 33 states that have some form of medical marijuana.

How to make cannabis tincture with ethanol.

You can calculate the dose of your tincture by measuring the amount of medicine you put into the tincture – for home grown medicine assume a 15% THC or CBD level. Take the weight of your cannabis and multiply it by .15 to get the milligrams of cannabinoids, then Divide that number by the amount of mLs of solvent you get out of the extractor. The average dropper is 20 drops per 1 mL. For water 1 mL weighs 1 gram. After you deduce the amount of mgs of cannabinoids per gram, you can find out exactly how much is in a drop for easy titration of your dosage so you do not get over medicated.


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