The Future Of Infused Edibles

The Future Of Infused Everything…

What Are Infused Meals?

If you are on CannaCook, I’m going to assume you know what “infused” means. For the sake of argument, in this article we will be discussing THC and CBD infusions.

As we sit and reflect 2020 I think one thing is absolutely clear about the cannabis industry, it’s here to stay. I initially was too young to get in the cannabis industry when it first became legal in 1996 but I am actually thankful for that. The growth of the industry in the past two decades has been grueling and painfully slow. Many ganjaprenuers in the secondary industry have an extremely hard time getting banking services and interpreting laws in every individual state to stay legal in their own operations. Hopefully in 2021 we will see some legislation to finally federally legalize the plant that heals so many. But what can we expect when it becomes federally legal?

Infused Everything…

Initially when we see cannabis legalized on a federal level, we will see an explosion of infused everything. In fact, we already are seeing that. We are starting to see everything from chewing gum, coffee, beer, make-up, bakeries, skin care, as well as an explosion of companies marketing their “new” infused whatever it is they are offering. We will start seeing chain restaurants offering CBD infused meal as well as coffee shops. Everything will be infused! But will it be a trend?

Will It Be A Trend Only? Yes and No

Initially when we see this explosion of infused products, every marketing and advertising company will be jumping on to market their “new” infused meals. Then of course after some time I believe we will see what happened in the supplement industry; lawsuits and the uncovering of much corruption. We will begin seeing companies getting in trouble for using toxic hemp and finding toxic metals in these infused meals or drinks. It’s already happening to certain CBD companies, the same issues will pass down to the beverage and food industry. The only reason I predict this is due to corporate greed. We know corporations will put profits over the people and use cheap ingredients.

The reason for the partial yes on this answer though is just like every other trend to ever hit humanity, infused meals and drinks will be all the hype. The human condition seems to be though, when you make something unavailable, people want it more. Once you make it available, people will quickly become sick of the marketing. As we’ve seen energy drinks take a more backseat role in the past five years or so, I believe we will see the same thing happen with CBD and even THC infused drinks after a year or two.

Oversaturation Of The Market

When the CBD market began, we say a drastic increase in CBD shops all over the place. Gas stations began selling CBD, your friends probably sell CBD, and even mainstream grocery stores began making revenue off anything “hemp” or “cbd” infused. Just like podcast, everyone has one now, CBD stores have become over saturated in the markets. We’ve begun seeing larger CBD companies facing issues over having toxic metals in their CBD despite branding as “organic”. I believe we will see the same thing happen with infused drinks & meals. By the end of the first year of federal legalization, you’ll probably be sick of all the marketing of infused this or that.

This will lead to campaigns calling for oversight on the industry which may make the industry more restrictive or actually iron the greedy kinks out of the industry that can sometimes really be dangerous to people.

In Summary

We should be very excited about the prospect of federal legalization. Aside from the healing benefits from cannabis, I also believe that cannabis can really boost our economy and provide all sorts of new sustainable living. Whether the results will be good or bad, well it’s just too complicated to label simply “bad” or “good”. I do think within the next 4 years though we will see a massive increase in infused meals, beverages, and other random products and if you are currently on the fence about getting in this industry, your window of time is quickly closing.

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