The Cannabis Roadmap: Pharmacology Chart

The Cannabis Roadmap: Pharmacology Chart

How To Medicate With Cannabis

Cannabis medication is unique when it comes to its form and how to use it. We have become used to popping a pill for every little ache and pain. This pill-popping mentality makes it rather difficult to wrap our minds around natural medication and the nuances and intricacies involved in using cannabis as our source of medication. Our ancestors were accustomed to more natural medication forms such as making and/or using tinctures or poultices and brewing teas. Learning to use cannabis effectively can be a confusing, time-consuming journey. Prohibition has forced this ignorance upon us, and we must now deal with the consequences of relearning how to use natural medication rather than a pharmaceutical pill.

Knowing The Methods Of Consumption

When learning how to medicate with cannabis, it is important to know how each method of consumption will affect you- in particular how much to take (dosage), how long it takes to start to work (onset of action), and how long each method of consumption lasts (duration of action). These are important to know since it will control how much and how often you will have to dose with it for the best overall effect. Like most patients, once accustomed to how each method of consumption works in your body, you will probably find that layering and combining differing methods of consumption provides the best health benefits. For example, a person suffering with inflamed and painful arthritis may find the best relief by combining a stable dose of edibles (which last much longer but can take a while to have effect) with other faster-acting method(s) of consumption. That may be inhalation (vaping or smoking which starts to work in minutes) and/or applying topicals to the boney joints closer to the skin surface such as wrists, knees, hands, and feet (has a more immediate, but localized onset). In light of that fact, the average time for each method of consumption to start working as well as how long each method typically lasts is provided.

Other Ideas To Keep In Mind

Keep in mind that each of us are unique and that cannabis is known as the world of opposites. Different medications, genetics, diet, etc., all play a part in how our bodies process and use cannabis medication. Also, science is constantly trying to make better, more easily absorbed products. For example, products with nano emulsion are absorbed faster and better than regular products. Work on “layering” your methods of consumption to find the most effective health benefits for your particular health concern. It is important to note that cannabis research is ever-evolving and research is advancing all the time. The values listed below are compiled from several differing authorities with some variation in percentages.

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