Common Tools For Cooking With Cannabis… Part 2

More Tools To Have Around For CannaCooking…

Recently we did an article discussing some of the common tools needed for any CannaCook kitchen. In this post, we will discover some more tools that any CannaCook should have in their kitchen to make their life a little easier. There has been many times we’ve decided to make a recipe, only to learn that we must wait a few days to get one of the required instruments or ingredients to make.

A Pair Of Kitchen Scissors

It is always a good idea to have a good pair of kitchen scissors around, especially if you are someone who uses a good amount of cheesecloth. There has been a few times I’ve gone to cut some cheesecloth and the scissors were quite dull, making it a real pain to cut by yourself. You’ll also find these handy for opening a ton of different ingredients. You will find them very handy!

Spatulas and Whisks

It’s always a good idea to have some spatulas in your kitchen. What I like about this set is it also comes with some whisk, which will be really important for mixing many of your recipes. You will find many of these tools that come in this set will be very handy for recipes down the road.

A Laser Thermometer

Although your stove or crock-pot may display what temperature it’s apparently cooking at, sometimes its better to verify with a laser thermometer when it comes to cooking with hemp or cannabis. In fact, we just bought this exact set recently because it also comes with a meat thermometer and the price isn’t too high. When decarbing or making tinctures, I now use this laser thermometer to verify the temperature is reaching the correct mark in order to release the right cannabinoids.

A Rice Cooker For RSO

When I first got into cooking with cannabis, I didn’t expect to get all these extra gadgets, but I discovered quickly when making RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), having a rice cooker on hand sure made the recipe much easier and cleaner for cleanup. Luckily rice cookers aren’t too expensive these days, you can pick you up one for under $50. This model shown is actually the exact one I use.

Another Item For Making RSO…

Now if you have purchased the rice cooker above to make RSO, make sure to have some 1mL syringes (WITH CAPS). I made the mistake the first time I ordered these and didn’t get the caps to cover the syringes when done. Lets just say it turned into quite the mess. Also as cheap as these are, I wouldn’t suggest reusing them although I have tried, after using it once, just toss them. But if you are someone that uses RSO or plans to make RSO, make sure you have these for your final product.

Quality Baking Sheets

Many recipes are going to use baking sheets so its a good idea to have some decent quality ones around. Not to mention, you’ll notice that higher quality baking sheets seem to burn more evenly in the oven. This is extremely important if you are decarbing using a baking sheet, you will want ones that heat more evenly across the surface so it doesn’t burn your cannabis or make your decarb ineffective.

Spice It Up

Another great addition to keep in your kitchen is a spice set. No matter how bland the recipe, spices can make bad food at least edible. Although we haven’t totally burned up too many recipes, there has been a few times we really needed a little extra spice to make the food taste much better. But regardless if you are a gourmet Chef or just a sporadic cook, spices are something you’ll want to experiment with and see how to truly customize your recipe and tasting experience.

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