Christmas Gifts For Cooks and Chefs - 2020

Holiday Gift Ideas For Any CannaCook Or Stoner Out There!

2020 Christmas Season Is Right Around The Corner!

We are about to experience our second Christmas here at and we couldn’t be more excited! So we thought we would put together a sort of “CannaCook” gift idea’s article together for those out there looking for the perfect gift for the CannaCook in your house! Now some of these gift ideas are currently items we use in our kitchen and some of them are also gifts we wouldn’t mind having ourselves! So lets begin exploring these gift ideas!

A Magical Gift Idea…

Magical Butter MB2E Botanical Extractor Machine with Magical Butter official 7 page Cookbook this currently remains on our Christmas list that maybe in 2020, Santa will bring us one! The reason this makes the top of our list due to the popularity requested in our giveaways! If you’ve followed us on Facebook, you’d probably notice we do A LOT of giveaways and we’ve given out 2 of these machines… but we still haven’t snagged one for ourselves yet!

InstaPot To The Rescue…

I have to be honest, not until I bought Chelsie one of these recently did I understand the difference between this and a rice cooker! I had purchased a rice cooker the year before for Chelsie and I thought they did the same thing! Then we recently gave one away and I learned of all they do and got Chelsie one from this brand. If you are looking to make an array of different foods with absolute ease, get your loved one an InstaPot, they will love it!

A Mixer Will Make Mixing Much Easier…

If you have ever hand mixed a batter, you know how hard it can be. Although these are a bit more on the pricier side, it will make your baking so much easier! It also makes cleanup a breeze and is easy to assemble and use for just about any sort of mixing recipe. If your partner or relative loves cooking and they don’t have one of these, you will shock them with your observation by getting them one of these!

Buy 2 So You Can Give Us One! Just Kidding!

Yes please! A Levo 2 is something that is on our eventual purchasing list. These machines will cut out the work of decarbing as well as creates oils, butters, honey and a few other ingredients you need for other recipes or for tinctures and such. This item will really cut down on a lot of work if you are a big fan of infusing. This also makes cleanup a breeze and isn’t too large to tuck away in your kitchen or pantry.

Gummy Molds Are Always A Fun Gift

This item also made it on our common tools list and deserves to be on this list as well. If you are looking for something fun as well as cost effective for that CannaCook in your life, you can’t go wrong with gummy molds! Even if the person already has them, it’s always good to have backups. After awhile the molds just wear out and having them on hand makes it easy for that CannaCook in your life!

A Stash Box

A stash box is always a great present, not only for Christmas, but any time of the year! This one features is bamboo and has a great rating. A stash box will give your person the ability to organize and keep their cannabis accessories and stash organized. If you don’t want to order on Amzona, many of the dispensaries also carry stash boxes you can pick up. But these are a great little gift that any stoner can use.

Custom Cutting Boards

Here is another great gift idea! Why not get your favorite CannaCook some custom cutting boards! This particular option allows you to add your persons name or brand and transpose it on the cutting boards. They also aren’t outrageously priced and are quite affordable. Any kitchen would be very happy to get these!

Give The Gift Of Self-Care

Another great gift idea is of course CBD infused bath bombs! If you can’t make your own, this is a great little set to give her or him. Give the gift of relaxation! If you are curious about making your own, check out this recipe. Another idea, get this gift, when you receive it, setup a special relaxation night, setup the bath and light some candles! The special person in your life will love this surprise!

A Grinder For That Late Night Toker

If that special person in your life is a big cannabis or hemp smoker or does a lot of cannabis cooking, a grinder is a gift that will never fail! I always keep a backup grinder on hand just in case! These come in handy for grinding up your cannabis for smoking or even for decarbing! What’s great about this model is that it has a Kief catcher, allowing you to build up that stash of Kief for smoking or cooking!

Keep Them Organized With A Rolling Tray

If that cannabis user in your life is messy, get them a rolling tray! This will keep the cannabis, tobacco or hemp in a centralized location and allows for much easier clean-up. My wife used to go nuts when I would roll my stuff without a tray and leave little bits all over the place, then she got me a rolling tray and since then it has made my cleanup much nicer and my wife is much happier!

A Funny & Short Read For The Stocking…

This book was sent to us personally by the Author! I found it’s content about cannabis and it’s history to be absolutely fantastic! It’s very well-written, easy-to-read, and will give your favorite stoner or CannaCook the giggles! This book is definitely one of my favorite books about marijuana!

If you have any great stoner gift ideas, leave them below!

What do you think about these gifts?

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