Tools That Make Cooking With Cannabis Or Hemp Easier!

Common Tools For Cooking With Cannabis… Part 1

The Infused Basics

Many cannabis infused recipes use a lot of the same tools & ingredients. In today’s post we will explore some of the basic instruments and tools you will need for cannabis recipes. Some of these tools and ingredients on hand will make your life so much easier! When infusing Cannabis or Hemp, this is definitely some of the stuff you want on hand!

Pioneer Woman 7 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

Having a crock-pot on hand is going to be one of the easiest ways to infuse oils and create your own homemade tinctures. In our CannaCook kitchen the crock-pot is definitely one of the most used tools for our recipes. I also suggest getting the larger crock-pot instead of the smaller, you will find that when you are putting your glass measuring cups or sealed mason jars, its much easier and efficient to use a larger crock-pot… and to get the bigger one isn’t a whole lot of extra money.

Cheesecloth – Unbleached & Reusable Ultra Fine Cheese Cloth

When it comes to making oils, RSO/FECO, tinctures and many other recipes, cheesecloth will be a staple in your household that you will want to have on hand. When we first began we didn’t have cheesecloth on hand, we tried to use coffee filters for one of our recipes and it was not only very messy, but took forever to actually filter anything. So if you are considering cooking with cannabis at home, make sure you have some of this on hand.

A Little Gummies Hack You Need.. Turkey Baster

When we first started doing gummies, we used the little baster tools that came with the molds. We quickly discovered that using a turkey baster when filling your gummy molds was a much more efficient way to make them. After going through a few plastic ones, we then discovered they make metal turkey basters and we now use this exact one. It’s much easier to clean, has good suction power and will make your gummies adventures much easier!

For Tinctures and Dosing Them..

There is nothing more frustrating than making a great batch of tincture only to realize you have no way to administer it. I order one of these setups every few months so I get 12 new bottles in and I get the 3 easy funnels, this particular setup comes with 3 easy-to-use funnels for moving your tincture from your mason jar into the tincture bottle. Also if you are big into gifting medicine to others, you will want these around.

A Metal Mesh Strainer

Just like the cheesecloth, you will want to have a mesh strainer on hand to make straining your cannabis from oils, alcohol and other ingredients. We’ve found that you can also use something like a plastic water pitcher and set the mesh strainer within it, making the perfect setup to squeeze out your cheesecloth into a easy-to-pour pitcher. Then add it right into your tincture bottles, mason jars, or whatever dish you are storing your recipe in.

Get Lots Of Mason Jars and Lids!

Mason jars are one of the handiest items to have around for decarbing as well as making butter. We have easy recipes on our website to show you how to decarb in mason jars and make butter. We personally prefer the brand “Ball” and their lids. You can also order additional lids due to the standard ones rusting quite easily.

Molds… Have Fun With Them!

If you enjoy making gummy’s, chocolates, or even suckers, you will want to have some molds around. We keep an array of different molds around so that we can make a variety of sizes each time we make a batch of gummies, chocolates or hard candies. So when you order molds, have fun and get shapes you enjoy! Here are some cannabis molds that are pretty standard sizes for dosing.

A Scale To Measure Cannabis Or Hemp

In order to dose out your recipe a little better and know a better approximation of your CBD or THC levels, its good to have a scale. Also many recipes will call for a certain amount of cannabis or hemp to be used. (Of course you can adjust many of these amounts according to your own dosing needs) When looking for a scale, I couldn’t find the exact one we use, but this one is pretty similar.

Butter Molds Are Fun Too!

Although your freshly made butter can be stored in any number of different dishes, having butter molds is much easier to deal with. 2 sticks of butter usually equals 1lbs of butter, so having the ability to make your own sticks the same size as how they come from the store will make it much easier when you are cooking.

Glass Measuring Cups (Don’t use plastic!)

Having glass measuring cups will make your life much easier for many recipes, not to many there are several here on CannaCook that call for using a glass measuring cup with your crock-pot or your rice cooker. They are also much easier to clean and you don’t have to worry about plastic particles absorbing into your recipes during the warming process.

And Lastly A Double Broiler…

Double broilers are key if you want to make things like infused honey’s, syrups, milk, and many other recipes. Having one of these on hand makes clean up much easier and makes sure that the product doesn’t get to hot or over-cooked. This is the exact model we use in the CannaCook kitchen.

These few tools listed above will make cooking with cannabis so much easier! Your hemp or THC infused goodies will be much easier to make with these and make clean up much easier. We will release another article soon that has more tools to make your kitchen time much more pleasant!

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  1. Kerry Roper

    Hi! I think you meant to say double BOILER. There’s no such thing as a double BROILER. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE TIPS AND GREAT RECIPES, and even better, the no nonsense tips that other sites never explain, mostly due to the fact that most other sites aren’t testing recipes, or for that matter aren’t written by actual canna cooks! You’re the first place I’ve found that has all the info in one spot, including dosing calculator, and letting you know the tools you’re going to want. Cheesecloth was a big one, also I’m hoping that someday someone comes up with a mess free way to strain every last bit from oils or milks! I’ve seen Indian women swinging a sling type device that uses centrifugal force and catches the strained liquid. Anyone know what this is?

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