5 Foods You Should Avoid

5 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should Avoid

Cancer remains a significant health issue globally. Although the overall cancer mortality rate has reduced (from the 1990s), statistics project an increase in the total no. of cases by over 20 million new cases in 2040 (Source) Some people ask, what could be the primary cause of the increase in these incidences?

A key factor relates to diet choices. Some foods have a reputation for promoting cancer cell formation and growth among humans. For instance, Alcohol is a group 1 carcinogenic substance known for causing mouth, bowel, and liver cancers. Health experts recommend limiting your alcohol intake to a few glasses a day for a healthier lifestyle.

The article considers a few examples of cancer-causing foods to avoid. You might find some of your favorite foods on the list (which should give you something to think about). Some of these foods are readily available in stores, grocery shops, and supermarkets. Keep your health information in mind next time you decide to shop for some foodstuff.

Red Meat

Meat is a rich source of protein. However, only consume it in limited quantities. Red meat is a very unhealthy food choice linked to high cholesterol, obesity, and cancer. Red meat consists of beef, mutton, and other forms of mammalian muscle protein. People who regularly consume red meat are at a high risk of prostate and colorectal cancers. (Source)

Processed Foods

Processed foods are a great way of ensuring food security. Shoppers purchase these processed foods regularly without prior considerations of the overall health consequences. For instance, processed meat, beans, and fish have added preservatives to help keep them fresh for longer. However, some of these preservatives have carcinogenic properties that make them risky for humans. (source) For example, the use of nitrates as a preservative is sometimes linked with colon cancer.

 Microwave Pop Corn

Popcorn is a popular snack mostly associated with a trip to the movies. The popcorn market is enormous (especially among the more developed countries in the US and Europe). However, regularly consuming popcorn could be more dangerous than expected. Experts suggest that popcorn is one of the most hazardous snacks on the market with several links to dangerous diseases such as cancer. Microwave popcorn has links to liver, lung, and testicular cancers owing to chemicals  PFOA and diacetyl.


Genetically modified foods are hailed as the future of food production. Science seems to have found a solution for pests, adverse weather changes, and food security. However, GMO foods have received unwanted attention relating to their links with cancer. Concerns on the negative implications of gene modification continue to elicit mixed conclusions on the health consequences of consuming GMO regularly. (source)

Fast Foods

Fast foods are a very unhealthy nutrition option. Most are full of fats, oils, processed meat products, and plenty of additives and preservatives. People who regularly consume fast food are at a high risk of obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle-related diseases. Some fast foods have also been linked with causing several types of cancer. For instance, research suggests that junk food consumers are at a higher risk of stomach cancer compared with those who don’t consume junk food regularly.

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