What Is The Difference Between Hemp & CBD?

The Difference Between Hemp, Hemp Seed Oil, CBD, and CBD Oil

The Difference between Hemp, Hemp seed oil, CBD, and CBD oil

Natural products are slowly becoming the go-to for different groups of people.  Some use them as remedies for pain relief benefits, recreational use, and others like to think about the plants’ business side. You can find words like Hemp, Hemp seed oil, THC, and CBD oils more frequently in today’s vocabulary (compared to 10 years ago). But, understanding some of these words may still be challenging for some groups of people.

Overview:  The article considers two popular Marijuana products, Hemp and CBD. A visit to your local clinic can leave you a bit puzzled (especially if you don’t know much about these two Marijuana by-products). Hemp and CBD are famous for their anxiety relief benefits, among other uses. However, having a clear understanding of these products’ similarities/ differences might help create a clearer picture and offer an insightful perspective.

Let’s Talk About Hemp

Hemp is a popular marijuana product that includes broad leaves, similar to those in the sativa plant, and has a general THC percentage of less than 0.3%. Although the plant lacks any significant amount of THC, it still serves many alternative uses. In the U.S., for instance, companies and farms are farming and processing hemp on an industrial scale. Products such as hemp paper are becoming a favored alternative to regular paper (saving us many trees). Additionally, you can use the products for decorations, making ropes, biofuel, and a lot of other stuff.

What about Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oils are popular among skincare enthusiasts. Several beauty companies market the oils as natural alternatives to regular chemical cosmetics.  Furthermore, hemp seed oils have an insignificant amount of THC and CBD. They help to unblock pores, moisten the skin, and in some cases, cooking.


CBD is a popular product derived from the hemp and marijuana plants. Although CBD does not get you high, the health benefits of the product are immense. CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent that helps cure acne, rashes, sensitive skin, and other common skin conditions. CBD’s additional health benefits involve its ability to assist in treating seizures, depression, chronic pain, migraines, and anxiety. Ideally, hemp contains a CBD percentage (usually more than 10%).

What are CBD oils

CBD oils are concentrated forms of CBD, extracted from the hemp plant. Although these oils lack any significant amount of THC, they still have plenty of uses. You can use the oils as a food supplement, an addition to your skincare routine, baking,  edibles, and infused with your vape fluid. CBD’S market value is higher compared to other marijuana products due to its sophisticated and expensive production process. You can find the oil packaged in gummies, sweets, and pills.

A comparison between hemp seed oil and CBD oil

Hemp seed and CBD oils are sometimes thought of as the same product, although they have some underlying differences.  Customers are usually willing to pay more for CBD than hemp seed oil (though this does not mean that the hempseed oil is inferior). However, skincare companies employ marketing deception tactics in a move to increase their production margin. You might find firms selling hemp seed oil as CBD oil or insinuating that hemp seed oil is the same.

Disclaimer: Marijuana legalization continues to elicit mixed reactions across the different regions of the country. Kindly check your local laws on the topic before deciding to purchase, consume, or grow any marijuana product.

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