The Benefits of Spinach

Health Benefits of Spinach

“You Are What You Eat!”

The Surprising Health Benefits of Spinach!
The Health Benefits of Spinach by

“You are what you eat.” As a child, I remember hearing this same phrase repeated many times. This brings back my visions of people walking around with their parts being “made” of cakes, cookies, fruits, and vegetables. This is simply what my young mind understood those words to mean- quite literally. Now that I am older (and arguably a little smarter), I understand the true meaning of that phrase. Our bodies use the food we eat as building blocks for our most basic cell structures and functions. We cannot function properly without good nutrition. Thus, it is particularly important to look at exactly what we are putting into our mouths. We truly ARE what we eat- in a different fashion from what I imagined.

This re-visiting of childhood memories brings to mind Saturday mornings spent in front of the television eating a large bowl of milk-covered, sugary cereal. Specifically, I remember watching the popular, “Popeye, the Sailor Man” series. Popeye always became a hero by eating his can of spinach and promptly saving poor Olive Oyl from the clutches of his archenemy, the nefarious Brutus. Without fail, Popeye grew strong muscles and strength after consuming his ever-present can of spinach. Did Popeye know something we did not? I say, “Yes, he did.” We now know that leafy, green vegetables, including spinach, are great for overall health. Spinach has been used medicinally since the ancient Egyptians to help with digestive problem, including reflux, gas, and constipation. Using a water and spinach blend has been shown to help relieve these problems naturally. Was part of Brutus’ problems due to crankiness from unrelieved constipation (caused by not eating HIS spinach, of course)? That is a thought to ponder.

Olive Oyl was the female character in the Popeye cartoons. I did not really identify well with her character, as she was always requiring saving and was not a strong female. I do remember she had clear, alabaster skin. Maybe she used some of Popeye’s spinach to help keep her complexion clear and smooth. Many of the compounds found in spinach help fight sun damage, wrinkles, and acne. A simple cream using raw spinach with a few other natural ingredients helps keep skin smooth and glowing. Using raw honey rather than the processed and pasteurized type will add additional antibacterial and skin-clearing benefits as well.

One of my favorite characters in the cartoon, Wimpy, was always depicted as chasing, “a hamburger today” in return for payment on Tuesday. I remember Wimpy’s physique as being rather frumpy and portly. I have no memories of him eating anything remotely healthy in any of those viewed cartoons. I distinctly remember him always racing to get another hamburger, seeming to be stressed and unhappy with his lot in life. He did not have the means to purchase food but was always dressed in work clothes. Was poor Wimpy fighting the same battles that our society is currently facing? He seems a prime candidate for the risks of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Were his medications and medical care too expensive, forcing him to seek the cheapest food on credit? If he had consumed spinach like Popeye, would his health have improved from the cholesterol-lowering, blood sugar-stabilizing, and weight-loss promoting benefits? Would Wimpy have stopped chasing that hamburger, reached for healthier options, and saved money from reducing his medications and health care? Those are questions that will never be answered.

I can now view those Popeye cartoons from a more-educated viewpoint. Popeye was much smarter than he looked or that we gave him credit for. He knew that spinach provides the basic building blocks for health, strength, and a better disposition. If he had only shared spinach’s constipation-relieving properties, maybe those fights could have been settled more amicably. Maybe Popeye was unaware of these additional benefits. He certainly did not practice the application of raw spinach and honey to the scalp to help prevent male-pattern baldness. Also, as most people are now aware, the combination of spinach and olive oil are an unbeatable, health-promoting duo and are meant to be together. By eating his spinach, Popeye will always get the girl (Olive Oyl), leaving Brutus in a jealous predicament. So maybe their battles are inevitable. We will never really know the truth of the matter. During the time period in which the cartoon was created spinach was also a slang term used for cannabis or marijuana. Opening THAT can of spinach creates a whole new world of possibilities!

Written By: Melissa Cornwell

Source – How TO Make A Face Mask For Glowing Skin Using Spinach

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