Blog: My Story - By Chelsie Miles Founder of CannaCook

Blog: My Story

Blog: My Story - By Chelsie Miles Founder of CannaCook

by: Chelsie Miles
(founder of CannaCook Inc //

My story is something I don’t normally share. It’s not that I am ashamed or embarrassed by my past, It’s just that I don’t like talking about myself.  I see how people judge each other, so I always kept my mouth shut. My amazing husband convinced me it would be good to share it, cathartic to get things off my chest.  So I thought it would share my journey, and how I ended up where I am today.

I had amazing childhood with wonderful parents. They were involved in everything in my life and I loved it. I had a great home life, I loved school and played lots of sports. I was a happy child.

I have always been a little shy, even though you would never know it. I was always great at pretending. Pretending that I was confident, that I had it all together. Pretending that I was outgoing and fun. in reality I was struggling mentally. I never told anyone, not even my family. I instead turned to using drugs and alcohol. 

When I was younger, I was diagnosed with ADHD, in high school it didn’t cause learning issues or behavioral issues.  Once I graduated and went to college I was having a terribly hard time. I have OCD also and between those two I had trouble trying to learn and focus during classes at college.  In high school I was able to go to class, not study, and still pass and get good grades. College was totally different and I felt like a fish out of water. I would get really upset with myself because everyone else seemed to make it look so easy. Most people would double down and try harder when they were really struggling . I ended up throwing it away. I started skipping school, and using drugs. 

At first it was exciting and new. I had never tried drugs before, and it was honestly fun  Back then, people didn’t talk about how addictive narcotics were. As stupid as it may sound, I honestly had no clue how addictive it was. I just thought I was having fun on weekends in college, like everyone else.  unlike everyone else, I wasn’t able to just use recreational. For me it turned into an addiction.  Eventually My whole day would be consumed with getting more pills so that I could feel better and function.  

I met Chris when I was 18, he was 17.  We were young, in love and crazy.

Chris and I ended up moving in together when I was 18. We partied… a lot.  At age 20 we were making 6 figures between us, and most of that money went to buying drugs and partying. I kept a job at a bank, and thankfully never ended up in jail. 

We stayed together until we were 22 and he went off to rehab. Looking back I should have gone myself, but I didn’t. I was to scared to ask for help. I was scared to admit that I had an issue. Scared to admit That I couldn’t get myself under control. 

Eventually I got clean, but would constantly mess up. I would stay away from drugs and go right back to them. It was always narcotics that pulled me back in.  I finally got fully clean and got married. 

I ended up  getting a divorce in 2015 and started drinking. I went from a structured life, and  a corporate job I loved, to running away from my hometown because I thought that was my only option. I ended up staying away for six or seven months and got into drinking even heavier. Since being diagnosed with ADHD, I had been  taking medication for it.  I helped me feel “normal.”  I was able to focus on my work, finish my tasks, and honestly just feel like a normal person. I got so sick of the constant running thoughts, this medication helped that and helped calm my OCD. Throughout the years I took the medication appropriately, it honestly helped me.  However, when I started drinking I stopped taking my medication how I should have.  I would take double the dose just to wake myself up in the morning, since I was staying up all night drinking. I would take uppers during the day to get going and drink all night to get to sleep. My heavy drinking continued for a year and a half.  

When Chris and I got back together he was in recovery and I was secretly drinking.  He was the one who opened my eyes and helped me realize I actually did have a drinking problem. Before that, I thought it was normal to drink all evening. I mean I saw other adults, friends,  and co-workers around me drinking a ton, so I thought there was no issue.  

I will be forever thankful that Chris helped me realize my drinking was an issue.  If he didn’t, I would still probably be doing it today.

This week it has been 4 years since I have been clean, and because of it My life is better than I could have ever imaged.

Right before cannabis became legal in Arkansas Chris said he wanted get off his psychotropic medications and use cannabis medically. I was so upset and scared. I was worried he was going to abuse it and just use it to get high.  I was worried about myself getting back into drugs. However, After he got his card and started using it, I saw how much it improved his life. he was happier and healthier, and it opened my eyes to how cannabis actually is a medicine. He used it appropriately, and it really helped me realize that cannabis wasn’t something bad and scary. In fact it was something that could change people’s life for the better. I had a lot of things I thought cannabis might help, so I ended to getting my card. Chris started ARK420, and then we decided to start CannaCook. I remember being so scared trying to lean to cook with cannabis. I thought it would be something seriously difficult! I soon realized how easy it was, and how much it helped myself and others around me. I have always been someone who loves to teach people and help as many as I can.  

I wanted to show people different ways to use their medication, to improve their quality of life.  I want to show everyone that you don’t have to be a professional chef, or have training to be able to cook with cannabis.  I want to give a platform to others, and let people have a place to show off their amazing cooking and teach others their recipes. Cannacook is the answer to all of those wants. I am proud to be where I am today. I went though a lot of hard times, and a lot of struggles that I might share one day. Until then just know whatever you are going through, your not alone. Work on yourself and the hard work always pays off. 

Written By:
Chelsie Miles
Founder of CannaCook Inc and

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  1. I’m proud of you for sharing this Chelsie! You are an admirable woman and are truly an inspirational person!

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