Best Edibles To Make At Home

Best Cannabis Edibles to Make at Home

Cannabis is an herb that is food-friendly and is filled with flavor. There are more than 100 terpenes that have been identified until now which give the herb its unique characteristics. No wonder, chefs around the world are using it to create custom menus which highlight the herbal product. With time, it is turning out to be a primary cooking ingredient. The trend has started to grow amongst home enthusiasts, too. They are using cannabis to develop a variety of recipes. Cooking edible marijuana is much easier than you think.

Things to Cook with Cannabis

Cooking with cannabis is an absolute delight. Some people are confused as to where to get started, especially when they haven’t really tried cooking with it. Here are some of the east recipes to cook at home with cannabis.


This is one of the best recipes. Albeit, you don’t eat it by itself, this can be used as an ingredient in various other recipes.

  • Take 30 grams of marijuana and add it a saucepan containing one liter of water.
  • Now, add 25grams butter to it and bring it to simmer.
  • Stir the mix and simmer for 3 hour.
  • When it is done you will notice a layer of oil float on the top.
  • In case the water is low prior to this happening, add some more.

Cannabis Ice-Cream

Who won’t love ice-cream, especially when it is made with cannabis!

  • Take double cream measuring 500ml into a large saucepan.
  • Place it on medium heat till it simmers.
  • Take another pan and put 50grams of marijuana butter. Allow it to melt and add sugar measuring 75 grams.
  • Take some fruits in a bowl like strawberries and bananas. Mash them up.
  • Add them to the cream along with the butter mix. Stir them.
  • Pour it into a large container and leave in the refrigerator for the night.

Cannabis Brownie

This is the most popular cannabis edible. The recipe is pretty straightforward. You simply need some oil, marijuana, and the brownie mix. Make sure that you get a mix which requires additional oil.

  • Take 4grams of weed and grind it.
  • Put it in a saucepan and add the amount of oil which is mentioned in the pack of the brownie mix.
  • Heat it for about 30 minutes by stirring from time to time. This will infuse cannabis into the oil.
  • Allow the oil to cool down and then strain the plant.
  • Now follow the instructions on the oil infused brownie mix to make a tasty dish.

Effects of Marijuana Infused Edibles

Cannabis like mentioned above can be included in different recipes such as brownies, tea, ice-cream, candies, granola bars, and many drinks. These carry THC to the user. The potency differs from one edible to the other.

When you have consumed an edible that has cannabis, THC is absorbed into your body through the stomach and thereafter the liver. As the process of absorption is slower than the lungs, the effects you feel are going to be less potent. However, it is going to last for a longer period of time. In fact, at times it lasts for 4-6 hours. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that the liver is capable of changing THC into a robust strain. This offers a sedative effect.

When you consume a marijuana drink like tea, the process of absorption is similar to that of an edible. Nevertheless, the drink dilutes the THC and will thus, make it less potent.

Just as the other drugs like alcohol, the THC will have an effect more quickly when you consume it on an empty stomach in comparison to a full stomach. If you consume it on an empty stomach then it might lead to some unwanted symptoms.

Tips to Cook with Marijuana

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when you cook using cannabis.

  • Before you step into the kitchen, you should know how to consume the edible in a responsible manner. It is important to know the right dosage for you. You also need to keep in mind that eating cannabis is much different than smoking it.
  • In case you are planning on cooking with the dry flower of cannabis, you have to make sure that you have chosen the right strain. To choose the best, you need to have an idea about the terpene profile and take the entourage effect into account.
  • If you want to infuse THC into your recipe, you need to have an idea about the cooking percentage. The THC level is an important aspect when it comes to cooking cannabis. When you are done choosing the right flower, make sure that you note the THC percentage.
  • You should avoid making the mistake of not decarboxylating the dry flower prior to infusing it with butter or oil.
  • Cannabis like CBD and THC are fat-soluble. This means that it dissolves in fat such as butter or oil. This is the reason a majority of the infused items are made with butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, or olive oil.

Tips to Consume Edible

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you consume marijuana edibles.

  • Be careful about the potency.
  • Take the entourage effect into account.
  • Consume on a full stomach and make sure to stay close to home.
  • Be careful of the added ingredients.

Cannabis has great benefits and edibles are one of the best ways to reap these benefits. All you need to do get your bases covered.

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