Article: Juicing Cannabis

Article: Juicing Cannabis

By: Melissa Cornwell
Melissa is an author for as well as CannaCook. She is heavily invovled in the cannabis industry with some really innovative projects coming to manifestation.

Help Benefits of Juicing Cannabis
” Juicing is an easy way to concentrate and incorporate nutritious food into your diet”

Juicing fruits and veggies is nothing new to health-conscious Americans.  Juicing is an easy way to concentrate and incorporate nutritious food into your diet.  It concentrates the nutrients in an easy to consume drink.   For example, one cup of carrot juice can deliver 900 percent of the ADA recommended daily amount of vitamin A.  Compare this to a cup of chopped carrots weighing in at only 50% of that amount.  What is new in the juicing world is the trend of juicing cannabis.  Wheatgrass, kale, and dandelion greens are full of nutrients, but what about cannabis?  If you have access to raw, fresh cannabis, it is considered a superfood in its own class with potential health applications waiting to be discovered.

When compared to other methods of consuming cannabis, juicing will provide you with the “acidic” forms of cannabinoids, some of the active ingredients in cannabis such as THCA, CBCA, and CBDA.  These acids are the precursor, or father, of the better-known neutral cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD, CBC, CBN, etc.  The acid forms of these cannabinoids are present in large amounts in raw cannabis prior to smoking, vaping, or decarboxylating your cannabis.  Decarboxylation, aka decarbing, happens when you apply heat or naturally over time with drying.  These acidic cannabinoids have health-promoting properties of their own but have been studied even less than their “neutral” forms, THC, CBD, CBC, CBN, etc.  What is known about the acidic cannabinoids is that they have some of the same health benefits as neutral cannabinoids but are not psychoactive (meaning won’t get you high).  Experts predict that they probably have similar health properties but are not sure to what extent.  Consumers of juiced cannabis say that it helps with many problems, such as pain, inflammation, and other symptoms.  

Experts report that juicing cannabis is not for managing acute conditions, meaning it won’t produce immediate relief for health conditions since it must “build up” and saturate in the fatty tissues.  In this respect, the cannabinoids are stored in the fat, or adipose tissue, quite similar to fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E & K.  Full health benefits are achieved within 3 days to 8 weeks of consistent use.  Early, preliminary studies indicate acidic cannabinoids may be useful for protecting our brain and have benefits in cancer treatment. 

Juicing leafy vegetables is not as easy as other vegetables and fruits.  To extract the most juice out of leafy vegetables and cannabis, a special juicer called a wheatgrass juicer may be a necessary investment.  For those patients needing higher dosages of cannabinoids to manage health conditions without the psychoactive side effects, juicing may well be the ticket to better health that many are seeking.  Tips on juicing cannabis can be found here.

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