Video: Homemade CBG Oil

Video: Homemade CBG Oil

In this video, I’ll walk you through the super simple process of processing your CBG flower into a versatile CBG oil that you could put in a cup of coffee, add to salad dressings, or use to make some healthy, wonderful edibles right in your own kitchen.

This post is going to help you through all of the steps of making CBG oil:
– How to calculate your dosage (00:04:37)
– How to decarboxylate CBG flower (00:07:34)
– How to infuse decarboxylated flower into an oil (00:12:16)
– How to strain your oil from the plant material (00:15:09)

And if you’re thinking What is CBG? Don’t worry, we wrote a blog all about it where we geeked out on all of the CBG research we could find. Get geeky with us and learn all about the benefits of CBG at

For this recipe, you’ll need to decarboxylate your CBG flower. I go over this in detail in the video, but if you want to read up a little more on that, we wrote a whole blog on how to decarb your CBG flower. Check it out at

Questions? Comments? Challenges? Amazing results?

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