Too High For Comfort?!? What to do when you've gotten too high!

Too High For Comfort!?!?

What to do when you’ve ingested too much cannabis!?!
By: Melissa Cornwell

What do you do if you have had too much cannabis? With the centuries-long history of man and cannabis this is certainly not a new problem. Many documents and literature show that a reversal of at least some symptoms of a too intense high is possible.

Too much THC can lead to side effects and is a common mistake in patients new to cannabis medication. Symptoms are usually self-limiting panic reactions and resolve on their own with time. Although uncomfortable, there is no real danger of overdose since using too much cannabis does not stop you from breathing like opiates can. This is especially a problem with edibles whose effects can last for hours. We’ve been told that “once you put it in, there’s no going back.” Is this totally true? Let’s take a look at what our ancestors did to fight off a misjudgement in their “leaves of laughter.”

Historical writings detail past use of many different methods to combat an overdose of THC. From the lemons and lemon juice used by ancient Persians to Roman author Pliny’s pine nuts, antidotes for too much of a good thing has been recorded. Other methods of reversal include black pepper (crunching a peppercorn between your teeth), pistachio nuts, and calamus root. Some people report that ice and ice water along with a soothing environment or being “talked down” are the ticket out of a panicky situation. Newer research shows that other cannabis ingredients, such as CBD, can counteract THC’s psychoactive effects. Supplementing with CBD or using strains with a higher CBD content will help stop much of the unwanted effects discussed here. Terpenes are another cannabis ingredient with potential. A closer look at the ingredients in lemons, black pepper, and pine nuts reveals that some of these same terpenes are found within these food sources (limonene, caryophyllene, and pinene). This hints that the combination of cannabis ingredients can naturally neutralize some of THC’s effects.

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All of these findings suggest that an uncomfortable situation from too much THC can be more easily mastered with preparation. When medicating with cannabis always “start low and go slow.” Have some of these items handy, just in case. If by chance you slightly miscalculate, you will be ready to calm the storm with these suggestions.

by Melissa Cornwell
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