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How to Make a Test Batch of Cannabis Oil (Test Your Tolerance)

Cannabis edibles are intimidating for some, specifically, infusing oil or butter with cannabis. Many individuals believe that cannabis oil or butter needs copious amounts of flower material, but, this is simply not true. Learn how to make a test batch of cannabis oil in your own home with our easy method below.

Cannabis edibles affect everyone in a different manner. This is due to the endocannabinoid system which is unique in every mammal. An appropriate “flower to oil ratio” should always be considered when making any cannabis infusions. This test batch of cannabis oil contains just two grams of cannabis.

After decarboxylation and the infusion process, if these 2 grams of cannabis have 20% THC, the one cup of carrier oil will contain approximately 320mg of THC (inflated approximation). Breaking this down further, if a recipe for cookies calls for 1/4 cup of oil and makes 20 cookies, each cookie will contain approximately 4mg of THC, a perfect place to start in the world of cannabis edibles.

There are many different variables that go into making cannabis edibles, but, this cannabis oil method is perfect for those looking to test their tolerance, or, those who are trying edibles and cannabis oil for the first time.

With this oil you can make:

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Cannabis-Infused Rice Crispy Squares

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  1. Hello i was looking at your recipe containing cannibis ratios 1/4 cup oil to 20 cookies is 4 mg each
    4 mg isn’t potent at all gimme ratio to make 20 cookies at 20 mg each and i might agree I’ve used 14 grams of 26% Thc in 3 sticks of butter nothing happened no affect yes i decarbed oh by the way I’m using the levo2 machine any way you can give me pointers itd be appreciated bong appetite.

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