Intro to Terpenes with Lex Hahn Video 1 of the three part video series

Intro to terpenes. Why are they important. Today we will cover why terpenes and cannabis (THC/CBD) can work together to enhance the medical benefits of any given treatment. Some of the conditions that we can use terpenes to help manage our Alzheimers and Autism as well as overall inflammation and its role in so many medical conditions. We will touch on CTE and migraines in this video also.

Lex talks about why Inflammation triggers brain function as well as all the body ailments it aggravates. Looking into making medical cannabis treatment more effective is basically the next frontier: Cannabis 2.0.

Actual terpenes covered in video 1:
6:30 Linalool – calming and helps with Migraines Alzheimers
8:14 Book by Dr. Vasquez and Autism. Migraines,
11:40 (whole collection)
12:19 Beta-Caryophyllene and Linalool
12:45 Alpha and Beta Pinene mental clarity
13: 19 Delta 3 Carene reduces excess body fluids/swelling
14:00 Eucalyptol
14:22 Camphor
14:35 Geraniol
14:48 Terpinolene
17:05 Autism Treatment
19:20 Osteoporosis /Bone Loss

Video 2:
Q&A video 3:

My name is Lex Hahn. I am an Illinois medical cannabis patient and founder of the Medical Cannabis Recipes Community. “A Patient helping Patient” community on Facebook.

I am not a Doctor or medical professional and do not give out medical advice. I am a patient sharing what I have learned to help other medical cannabis patients use terpenes to help treat their health conditions

ALL of the information contained in this video is intended for legal use by medical cannabis patients and their caregivers.

“Medical Cannabis Recipes”, it’s Administrators, Moderators accept no responsibility for any non-legal uses of the information contained in this video.

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