How To Make Terpene Infused Hemp Capsules

Medical Cannabis Recipes walks you through a step by step tutorial making TERPENE INFUSED HEMP CAPSULES. Links to all the materials used in this video are below.

My name is Mike McGee. I am an Illinois medical cannabis patient and founder of the Medical Cannabis Recipes Community. “A Patient helping Patient” community on Facebook.

I am not a Doctor or medical professional and do not give out medical advice. I am a patient sharing what I have learned to help other medical cannabis patients save money by making their own “DIY” cannabis medication capsules, tinctures, oils. We provide a safe environment for all patients to ask questions and receive help, advice, and support!

ALL of the information contained in this video is intended for legal use by medical cannabis patients and their caregivers.

“Medical Cannabis Recipes”, it’s Administrators, Moderators accept no responsibility for any non-legal uses of the information contained in this video.


Decarboxylate the Hemp CBD Flower. This video features the Ardent Lift used to decarboxylate or “activate” the CBD in the raw hemp bud. Be sure to run the decarb cycle on the ardent twice for the best results.

When the decarb process is complete, remove the hemp and grind the buds/flower in a grinder.

We’ve learned that we can enhance the
effectiveness of our medicines by adding and manipulating terpenes

10 Specific Anti-Inflammatory terpenes and their ratios: Measured with a 1ml syringe

Myrcene 2 parts
Beta Caryophyllene 2 parts
Delta 3 Carene 1part
Nerolidol 1part
Linalool 1part
B Pinene 1part
A Pinene 1part
Humulene 1part
Eucalyptol 1part
Terpinolene 1part
Terpineol 1part

All terpenes are The scent molecules from plants and flowers, which enhance the effects of medicinal cannabis.

Capsules are available in different sizes. The video features gel caps, size #00

Capsule machines will make filling capsules easier.

Add terpenes with an adjustable pipette. The video features 50ml (Microliter) of the terpene mix per capsule.

Adding Decarbed, ground, CBD hemp plant matter into the terpene capsules, and distribute evenly.

Add liquid coconut oil with the disposable pipette and place the gel cap tops on the filled capsule bottoms.

Use the capsule machine spring mechanism to close capsules.

Store in the refrigerator.

Product links

Ardent lift

Fern Valley Farms Hemp

Floraplex Terpenes

True Terpenes

Four E’s Scientific Single-Channel Pipettors Adjustable Variable Volume Micro Pipettes, 10-100uL

3ml Disposable Plastic Transfer Pipettes

1ml/CC Syringe 80ct

Empty Gelatin Capsules – Size “00”

Capsule Connection Capsule Machine Accessory Kit for Sealing and Drying Liquid and Oil Capsules

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