How to Estimate the THC Percentage In Marijuana

How to Estimate the THC Percentage In Marijuana

Knowing the THC percentage of your cannabis is the ESSENTIAL first step in calculating the dosage in your homemade marijuana edibles or topicals. If you do not have the luxury of using lab tested cannabis, no worries, I teach how to come up with a realistic estimate in this video.

Once you know the percentage of THC, you can this number to then calculate how many mgs. of THC is in each serving of your homemade edibles or each application of your DIY topicals.

My easy to use Dosage Calculators make it simple to calculate and adjust dosages as they do all the math for you. These invaluable tools that you’ll use over and over again cost just $5.00 (or are included with my comprehensive Cooking and Topicals courses). I also created a FREE dosing class that teaches you how to get the same results using an ordinary calculator (it just takes a little more time and work). But either way, knowing or estimating the THC percentage is the first step.

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Get the Dosage Calculators that do all the math for you and make it quick and easy to calculate dosages and adjust recipes and formulas to achieve the exact dosage you need.

Check out the FREE dosing class that teaches you how to use an ordinary calculator to do the dosing math.

The dosing calculators are also included for free in my comprehensive “Easy Cannabis Cooking for Home Cooks” online course.

My “Easy DIY Marijuana Topicals and Skincare” online course also includes free lifetime access to the marijuana dosing calculators.

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