How To Make FECO from Flower

How to turn flower to Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO)

My name is Mike McGee. I am an Illinois medical cannabis patient and founder of the Medical Cannabis Recipes Community. “A Patient helping Patient” community on Facebook.

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I am not a Doctor or medical professional and do not give out medical advice. I am a patient sharing what I have learned to help other medical cannabis patients save money by making their own “DIY” cannabis medication capsules, tinctures, oils. We provide a safe environment for all patients to ask questions and receive help, advice, and support!

ALL of the information contained in this video is intended for legal use by medical cannabis patients and their caregivers.

“Medical Cannabis Recipes”, it’s Administrators, Moderators accept no responsibility for any non-legal uses of the information contained in this video.


  • Decarboxylation- We use an Ardent Lift to decarboxylate the CBD/Hemp. Because Cbda needs higher temp and more time to decarb, we ran 2 cycles (allowing the Lift to cool completely after each cycle)
    You can also Decarboxylate using your oven.
    (for THC use 250 degrees for 30 minutes)
    (for CBD use 280 degrees for 60 minutes)
    For CBN use 320 degrees for 90-120 minutes)
    You can also skip decarboxylation all together.
  • Freeze- place plant matter and Everclear in the freezer in separate containers (We use glass mason or bell jars) for at least 24 hours.
  • Combine plant matter and Everclear and shake vigorously for three minutes. (Note; you do not need to measure the Everclear, as all you need to do is use enough to completely cover the plant matter.
  • Strain- We used cheesecloth and a wire mesh kitchen strainer for the first strain. We also strained a second time using a 25 micron silk filter. (some use coffee filters for the second strain)
  • Evaporate-
    Pour the filtered tincture into a flat bottomed beaker and place on a candle warmer or some other low heat source. (DO NOT USE A FLAME!) Alcohol boils and starts evaporating 173 degrees. If using a digital warmer set to 173 or above, you will see bubbles form and pop in the oil. Allow warmer to run until bubbles are gone. If using a coffee warmer, evaporate alcohol off until oil is no longer viscous (can taste to see if alcohol is gone.)
  • To fill syringes, tilt beaker and submerge syringe tip into the oil. Pull oil up slowly and steadily, keeping the end of syringe submerged to avoid pulling up air bubbles.

NOTE: We used Hemp/CBD. You can also use cannabis.


  1. Can you use the Magical Butter Machine MB2E for steps 3 and 4?

    • Christopher

      We don’t have a MB2E so I don’t feel qualified to answer this… Perhaps someone else would know.

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